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Morning I wake up covered in dust   Lying in bed all night makes my bones feel like rust   What I can do to make myself look "right"  
Morning I wake up covered in dust Lying in bed all night makes my bones feel like rust What I can do to make myself look "right" I look for the nearest mirror; and turn out the lights
The past is what is said and done The pictures that I used to take weren't for fun It is hard to believe because you can only see the outside Where I can use filters to cover up and hide
Today people are concerned with falsified images they create a fantasy world where they are king and their followers are their supposed friends. Where acts of friendship are not hugs, but rather “likes”. They reach out hoping for acceptance.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hah. 
Take the picture.  Too high.  Too low.  Just right.  But what's wrong? Your nose is too big, Your smile looks weird, And your hair looks bad.  Take it again. And again.
Click, snap, image captured Edit, draw, redirected Delete, delete Photo recaptured Upload now, photo posted This is me #nomakeup Eyes of slivers, wrinkles, dried tears This is I #nofilter
Picture Perfect-ly Imperfect   *Like* *Share* *Tweet* I wish I were that pretty. I wish I were that witty. I wish… “Oh hey yeah I’m great! How are you?”
Without my filter    I still laugh and smile with my friends    I still work hard and get good grades    I still play sports and try my best With my filter    I'm trying to be someone I'm not
Trial and error,
It is midnight. Peeking though the curtains, giving consent. Hearing no answer? It is finally time. Leaving this world of shrouded reality And into the land of mirrors,
One of my biggest filters would be
Without a filter
Sometimes I wish for a mental shield of armor to outfit my mind's body:
Flawed. I'm flawed. Without filters, society calls me flawed. It's true, I'm flawed.  But what's it to society? Everything has flaws. My face occasionally blemished.
Following what society thinks is right I try to alter my camera light. This will create the most optimal picture, And allow me to avoid the tedious stricture. Pictures are only one side of me, 
  I am Unfinished. My edges aren't sanded smooth There are creases and circles worn into my eyes, There are scars and callouses on my hands There are stripes of uneven bronze across my skin
The man behind the photo is unknown his true nature are within the pixles of a picture his facial expression like the cover of a book
Slumber. Crema. Ludwig. Aden. Perputa. Amaro. Mayfair. Rise. Hudson. Valencia. X-Pro ll. Sierra. Willow. Lo-Fi. Earlybird. Brannan. Inkwell. Hefe. Nashville
When I take a picture   I smile and stare at my relfection.   My mind wonders if they will like it   if they will see me the way  I see me.  
Who am I? No filter flow, who am I I am an extrovert and an introvert I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a sheep in wolf’s clothing
Vulgar Modest Deceitful Honest    Life is full of filters: Filter what you say, Filter what you do, Depending on 
Days are tough I put on a happy face Mask the pain   No one knows The real you beside few I feel lost   Tears fall down People always ask, "why be sad?" "Just be happy"
i'm not perfect and neither are you. but maybe the first step towards getting the right view of ourselves is to stop putting just our filtered face forward and pretending that we are.
Me and Instagram we go back and forth like a pendulum
I walk along the sidewalk Putting on a smile for all to see A skip in my step My words a melody. A filter. Inside is dark. Lonely. My eyes glimmer My heart is dimmer.
*snap* An image is taken
Looking through the filter I am perfect. The truth about my life is nonexistent. Looking through the filter. all the words I say are pure, With no stammer or lisp. Looking through the filter.
No filter = no likes. No filter is like going on a date, without breaking the ice. (Which is a habit of mine) No filter is #Fresh Friday and no #Makeup Monday. No filter is usually me.
Searching on social media you will not find me I'm too busy practicing all the right degrees The filters hide my fears and flaws Your half naked pictures should be outlawed Erasing the impurities from my flesh
There's a pair of eyes                                                                                          That can make me perfect in my eyes
Orange bubble
I am merely an average girl with a passion for fashion, Photography is life, And so are filters.   Realistically, I am a simple girl without filters, Or maybe, a beauty-queen who needs a little edit.
Looking through my photos but this girl doesnt look like me  She looks like the girl that I wanted to be  They comment saying that I'm beautiful
I will take hundreds before I find the perfect one. It is imperative to pick the correct filter. It needs to make me look tanner while also concealing the bags under my eyes.  
Without a filter I am bare Bare is something that I am not always willing to share Even though my natural face is fine Sometimes I'm selfconscious that it is mine My coffee-stained teeth look yellow
The camera can show so much, but not enough. A filter can change your preception,  and give you the wrong attention.  The way we perceive ourselves, is different from everyone else. 
If you take me for face value You'd think: A shy, timid girl loves acoustic music Hair artificially curled nothing could make her tick. Now, Erase all of that. Look at me
So me with no filter... Me with no mask... No biting my tongue No holding back If my words had no filter It might be sappy to say But my words would be romantic
Jumbled nerves tangled thoughts calculation, manipulation tugging cuff take a seat breath out count to ten watch their faces blankly staring   avoid the labels attained
If the whole world were to look up at the same cloud, what would they see? If I peered through stained glass, do I still see the same cloud? Do you see me as I see me? Meek.
The flash- The filter- It's how I hide.   The picture that everyone sees isn't me though It's just a reflection of this person That yes looks practically like me
#NOFILTER Bryan Carter   Filters cover up what is on the outside,
When I post a selfie on Instagram,
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