'fear fight the fear poetry slam

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What is Fear? What is real or fake? is this breath, mine to take? why me, I ask is it to be a lowly Schizophrenic, A freak.
Fear Conquer or be conquered they say. But I say- True courage lies in facing day by day Fear straight between the eyes, Calling out his lies.  
Because she is afraid she will die before it Sits in my lap hissing This hollow poltergeistOf what could be My dad calls me selfishFor not taking care of my Abuela and her imaginary cat
I feel afraid The deadline looms I know I can I'm afraid I will lose . With this fear Comes my procrastination Why do anything at all If I can't make it perfect .
"You need to losesome weight." These emptywords, they are everywhere- my mother's touch,my doctor's lips, fear in my throat when I swallowbutter and sugar and fat.
Why do I do the things I do? I never, never knew.  Why do I choose to stay silent? Even when I have something to say I don't say it. 
Closing in From every corner All the fire touches Is consumed.   For if we cannot trust The Flame Then whom?  
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