ex best friend

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I’ll look forward to the day we can laugh together again  And it will be just like it’s always been   You hurt me more than you’ll ever know  One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to let you go   
 Dear ex-best friend, You made me feel such absurd pain,You made me feel as though I was going insane.The fights were so great they left us sour,Any person in our vicinity would seem to cower.The feelings that were very real are so far from gone,A
Sometimes people fall apart  or end friendships,  and that's okay  because life still goes on. I forgive you for ending ours, even if I don't believe it was fair; I forgive you for not telling me why,
I was almost seven when my family lost our house and we were forced to move to a new town into another home, miles away from the one I was in since birth.
You got a message from  Former Best Friend.
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