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Calm grays and chilly daysSeem to be the best to sitAnd think about things That our minds won't seem To quit whispering about.  
Life without love is lifeless. Love without life is bitter. Everyone knows I'm a sinner, and they keep posting it on twitter.
We are stuck in time, in a room alone.
How is it that we never had anything special
they say I'm a loser, i say I'm anomalistic. optimistic, perhaps wise to the things of the spirit. cannibalistic maybe, i eat the flesh of my savior. but man does not live by bread alone,
Afar from the presumable world On a treacherous land I lay The Sun shone above the land Burning all in contingence   The land was cracked and lacked care And had an air of abandonment
Luminescence   Long ago, in the ancient days; Whilst the nights lacked the moon herself; There lived a girl with wildest hopes, Than any spirit could envisage.  
The golden streets of heaven above, all I've ever known is love, from a Father who poured out his life for me. Because of this I am truly free. My mother and father taught me to cry for salvation as my lullaby.
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