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I think the reason so many lovers get married on the beach Is because it’s the one place The only public place Where marriage is all around you, Where the ocean marries the shore
"WHAT I'M FEELING" She's somewhat freaky and desirable. She's a gem like and extra- ordinarily gorgeous. And amiable.
"WHAT I'M FEELING" She's somewhat freaking and desirable. She's a gem like and extra- ordinarily gorgeous.
An Eternal movement of loves goodness , So many obstacles one is sure to fall, Just keep swimming.
the Earth once asked its lover what are humans made of? same as you replied the Girl explain  said the Earth i have iron in my blood,  oxygen in my lungs,  and salt in my tears,
Your hair is like the January Embers My heart burns there too YOUR eyes so dark Like the deepest corner of the ocean I’ve drowned myself like those lucky Differently shaped rocks too YOUR cheeks so soft
I am alone It wasn’t always this way it wasn’t always so drab and grey It used to be full of bright colors flashing lights  
If a picture is worth a thousand words A poem is worth a thousand pictures  A thousand realities lie in carefully crafted lines To some, the word alone brings feelings of peace
Though I was a sinner but now a believer Jesus my Redeemer and my only baptizer. It’s not by my righteousness I received forgiveness because He was selfless and though blameless
Dear Dad, I hope you find this letter well. Life's good, but now it's getting harder to tell what college or major or lifestyle choice I have to make before I move into a place that's missing you.  
Merry Christmas my sweet. I’ve written you a few poems, but the list will grow, for how can one not share this intense sensation burning inside when it’s brighter than anything else?
Pray, and a message you’ll receive, Sitting unconvinced of eternal love and devotion, Abandoned in a confinement of grief, Weary of further exploration into this emotion;  
What would it be like to just sleep? To close my eyes and have no worries. To just relax and not feel pain. What would I dream about? Would I dream about my past life and the people that I left behind?
It starts with a heartbeat. Heartbeats that are inches or miles apart Crescendo into a fraction of a moment- The blink of four eyes: All at once.
All alone with my sorrowful thoughts Constantly running through my head Making each moment unbearable The silence only makes them worse Trying to think of other thoughts But they are no match for the sorrow
VAMPIRES LOVE   When your scared, I'll be there and hold you tight. Under the moon in a starry night.If i was a vampire would you let me bite.So we would be together for eternity
This is our wrestling mat. It isn’t much to see. Sort of furrowed yet flat. The number of soles it has held has given it a soul.  
If I had the chance to be alone for the rest of my life, I would not take it. My heart is infused with another, and it beats for two.   Two does not mean infant, baby, embryo; Two means
I take a look outside Look at the sky Look at the clouds Look at the grass and trees and flowers Look at the birds and insects  
Our hearts the place Two souls abide Nothing can separate us The bond is too strong Joy abounds We visit at a higher realm Embraced and in eternal love 
Lord sometimes I feel like I'm losing it allAnd my heart is worn and bat
If I was falling through the sky
I feel the calming waves Lapping at me Through the bright Blistering sun And stealing away Every ounce of innocence  I once possessed   I have never felt so distant From reality
love is a soft, and strong  feeling,  We can feel it so right or so wrong. It makes us smile, and make us frown.   Love can last for ever or for a day, It makes us wanna run or wanna stay,
Sometimes you meet in life  a special friendship:  that someone to come into your life  the changes completely.  That someone who makes you laugh endlessly; 
Our language is immortal, Written on our graves   Accessed through any portal, It is as countless as the waves 
You're dancing fingers along fret boards, stopping on notes to stop my heart. Writing me love songs from the ashes of past sadness as if its your job to learn the melody of my soul. Is it?
Dreams DreamingWritten by Adam M. SnowDreams dreaming,awake nor asleep.A worldly escape-lies true true lies.
Making a statement, I'm now living in the present But My past? made me stronger so i remember although it has passed cloudy but after the rain there's a rainbow, sun shining at last
Promise me: Remember me when I’m dust once more Often visit us prisoners of nursing homes Meet me halfway again I can make it through another night Secrets kept in the face of fear Eternal kindness
  Blue skies after a storm blows away; blue eyes trying to keep the tears at bay.  You’re all on your own, a burden to those around you.  They push you down, and you can never pull yourself back up. 
If I can take a look into my past
I haven't met you. I haven't seen you.
When your heart threatens to fall out your ass. When your brain won't cease spitting out rapid-fire bullets labeled What if If Only What about Maybe Maybe Not
Everlasting love I see in his eyes, Warm like the sun on a clear summer's day, His love makes me want to soar through the sky, After the storm there are no shades of grey, No burdened sorrows, no tears to dismay,
her firey eyes burn her pain and use it life coal to fuel her hate gaze into them, you will reviel the ache she will forever feel make way for her tears and her regret shes thought it up, her mind is set
I've never been the superstitious type, but there's something about that's so supernatural. But yet it feels so natural everytime I look at you. And I felt us drawing close before I even met you.
The Whitest Soul I may be,
A kiss is just a kiss  Until you find the one you love, A hug is just a hug Until you find the one you're always thinking of. A dream is just a dream Until it comes true, Love was just a word
Our lasting words written in code The internet becomes our new home Interconecceted for better and for worst The hateful words we type and curse We succumb to a wealth of knowledge 
My starving hope,   .. my soul relys upon the morn of fresh tomorrows.   For love essential-- do not withhold  upon my living dying soul.   Joy immeasurable
I love you Like the stars love The moon Loves The sun Loves The ground Loves The plants Love The air Loves The birds Loves The trees Love
being in love is floating in water, the soft fluid seeps around your limbs, and you’re at peace... eternally. nothing can change the charge inside your soul,
Take my hand Deliver me from evil Come with me Into eternal sunshine   Fly away to a new world.
Nevertheless the sweat drip drip dripping From the anaerobic exercise Of running while holding the sparkling Red in your gut Serial killers relentless as they appear But hide between their crotch
Death has no jurisdiction Death is everywhere in every state in every nation Death does not seek gratification for it knows no emotion Death strikes with no warning or hesitation
ashes to ashes in terrible blaze. Metal and stone disappear in the flames. Feathers of phoenix as soft as they are, will take you through fires carry you far.
I'm buried deep in the ground, No entropy, no sound. Just the beat of my own heart, the metronome of my restart.
My shattered heart like a glassware puzzle. In pieces too small to even fathom repair. Caring girls came along with precious hearts of gold, But my razor-glass heart sliced their fragile fingers.
A human on earth. It doesn't live forever. A human hurts. Feels pain in ever which way. As i sit here. I drown in memories. Pressing me. Crushing me. Killing me.
A human on earth. It doesn't live forever. A human hurts. Feels pain in ever which way. A i sit here. I drown in memories. Pressing me. Crushing me. Killing me.
As long as you’re by my side, The Distance matters not. My heart is tied to yours By strings of immortal trust. Forever. For always.
Bump and bop and knock then stop. It’s a rhythmic beat to reap the sleep and see what’s been shown, not meet what’s been known over and over again, just changing how it flows from pen to pen or mind to mind.
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