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Face to face, body to body, that's how I wish I could look at you. The articles describe some sort of  traumatic scar. The pyschologists diagonse an empty hole in the center of us.
Work hard to achieve them Have to dodge opponents It will be hard, but possible Aim high
Life is a journey and happiness comes with exploration.
I can't do this too much pressure My family don't need me they don't have enough confidence in me No matter where I go it's always the same Quite school it ain't taking me no where School is boring I don't need this
Not only am I looking forward to throwing my cap up in the air on graduation day.I'm also looking forward to that special day,The day I go college thinking of who I'll become.
The sun is rising leaves are falling, the crisp, cold air has arrived I love the feeling, within my whole being, that you have awaken inside you are my sunshine, my moon, and my stars,
Thoughts People, Friends, Family Music
You grow up and they tell you to look a certain way, and when it's not right they tell you to change. They say it's okay to be different, but not to different or you will have to change.
You and I are made of stars,
See you only see him The one on the ground But what about me? I dont even have that to stand on.   His life is frightening at pieces
Friends equal Awesome. I agree 100% With u.
(poems go here) Free to be me, free to be you That’s what they say, but is it true? Taxed for housing and food, necessities of society’s view Ideas of privatization of water, our natural right
We stands alone, the awkward silence of our shadows but a toll in to the next step. Scars of hidden memories, tears of past pain. We never feel abandoned for we sees the big picture.
Segregation, discrimination. No sense of limitation, Prejudice nations filling frustrations, Inalienable rights with no representation. Pure humiliation.
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