The End

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No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
Of What Waters Do We Rise? From the depths of the Sea? The muck beneath the Reefs? Do we Cluster and Meet? Or do we simply Be? Do we brush by the Creatures and say Hi?
You want to know my secret power? I am an author.I can make the world laugh, or I can make the world cry.I can bring the world to the edge of its seat, then throw it to its knees.
Death has come home; to sleep in my soul. she whispers, she calls. why shouldn't i go? Death has come home, to see me again. she knocks on the front door. and i let her in.
What is this cloud that hangs over my head? It follows me like some form of dread,  Waiting, watching, readying the strike.  I fear the moment it drops its impaling spike.   
I'm so not ready for the world to come crashing into my life this morning. But it never waits for me. I just want to be with you. The earth is so pretty. But it'd be prettier with you.
Do you know about his dimpled cheeks, His crooked grin, or his chocolate gaze that dare matches yours,   Do you know he calls me baby, just like you did,
Poems fall explicitly from my mouth.  Demons crawl explicitly in my head.   I'm never sure how to handle the speed at which both are produced. I just know that I amd the only thing between them
I see Snow stick to the hard, brittle grass Twinkling lights reflect off car windows Little boys and girls playing with their toys Cookies stacked on a table set for many people
There is nothing worse than betrayal, because it signals the end of a friendship. You claim I betrayed you, but I did no such thing. After all, I'm not the backstabber. I'm not the trash talker. I'm not the cheater.
We met the other day, All was fine one could say. Let's face the truth: it was not. We were strangers to one another, Different from what we thought. It was awkward, Was it not?  
I never understood the love in your eyes, the way your you held me in your arms, or the sweet whispers  of your love for me. I just couldn't grasp it, even if it was placed
I need the end to be here That’s when it will all be okay I need to forget about the fear And get on with my day   This week was hard
  Life happens in an instant. No one is resistant to life’s great fate.         Forget the gloomy end so near.
Those who think of Death As a man with a scythe Will meet him like that At the end of their life But those who see him As a friend Will be greeted as such When they meet their end
Sometimes I just look at you wondering how the world treats you, and what's going on inside your head.
Seeping between my eyelids you offspring of the sun. I fear the end of you,  i fear when there will be no more   In the eyes of a sinner the world is constantly  RED
Skies are kissed with crimson fireletting all know the situation's dire.There is no chance or hope for escape
A desperate question, asked by a friend Five simple words- “Have you set a date?” My heart quickened my mind raced Did you know that queries could be daggers?
So what if this is the end? What if this is goodbye? What if fire starts to ravagely roar from the sky? This is it for our memories we've made in our lives. So stop thinking about the future, and listen to me now.
"End of the River" I can’t see, Please! What’s to be? It’s known, what could, Living in the woods.
"You're Special" That's what he said But what you said was      that I have better things      to do with my life But life is meant to be spent       with happiness all around  
what are we but specks of dirt with too much lust and savage thirst who reap the land of all that's good till never more is there what stood and who am i but empty face consumed by this empty race
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