'education' 'changed my life' 'life as a poet'

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This whole entire time I thought I was mentally translucent,My focus was not there,I struggled amongst the darkness within my cognitive developments from youth,this is the type of storms I battled thinking to myself, was life the game of clue?I as
It always hurts me. caring about others is considered kind. But pursuing love is like trudging my heart through a lee.
She burst in and broke  up our confidence and fear English and coffee
 Is it better to know or be known? If it is knowledge that is power, which realm does one call home? It is fair to say, even though very cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Their is this girl Who can´t help but Feel like an outcast Even in a room of people Where she is supposed  To be able to be herself  She calls herself the outcast the outcast, the outcast
Years you gain, wisdom not maturity, And it can make you decay in ways you never thought of. Damage is a way to get you down and make you say you can't do it. Making you decomose slowly
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