eating disorder recovery

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  Her soul was hungry for change, but her mind was made up to stay, so her soul was left to starve, her mind in a power-hungry craze.     Nothing distracts her mind from the numbers,
the days you spend no longer feeling the familiar ache in your chest noticing how at ease you feel wondering how long this feeling has been here but you were too unaware to notice grateful but confused
Of course you are not perfect, but why do you fret? There are many more important reasons to find yourself upset. You could be greedy, coniving, full of deceit, turning a blind eye
The first time I heard of anorexia I was eleven years old. A girl in my class had passed out in the lunch line because she was starving herself. The ironic thing was, She was about to buy an ice cream desert.
  What if I told you that poets were overrated? Someone who can only write when they’re sad, Or in love or in bliss or in need of desperate rent money, Is like a flower that only drinks from a tsunami.
  My sun-kissed hands wrap around this warm, steaming mug. Bringing this mug to my eager pink lips,
This area is accepting of so many things Drug addicts, alcoholics;
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