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To thirteen year old me  you're gonna change a lot over the next few years   your whole world is gonna feel like its upside down  theres going to be days you cant even get out of bed but you need to keep going
Tell me,  What do you see as the end of the world? Will we cook ourselves in the toxins we've unleashed into the air? Will we poison our food and water with fuel spills? Will we kill ourselves in war?
I wish you could see    how i long for thee.   More than just predictably or physically,   but rather relentlessly   
I am from Hell I was born there I live there I will die there I am from the fires that rage when people are angry Laugh there Love there Dream there
Creepy crawlies trample the pillows Of those who are long lost Some are visited by grieving whispers And others still lay where they were first tossed   Smoky fog rises from the ground
Food doesn’t hurt me. It doesn’t tell me anything bad. It doesn’t push me around. It doesn’t make me sad. But it does make me more round.
Its swirls were intriguing Salvation meant his heart was beating His taste buds protruded the gum from his mouth And lifted themselves to curve: A Perfect Sugar Point
Rrrringg! The bell squeals like a famished pig And everyone bolts out of class, Stomachs filled with Emptiness. The heavenly menu for lunch Stimulates my anxious taste buds As if they were given
I eat and I eat, but I cannot stop The horse in the rain goes "clop clop" I eat and I eat, and soon I will pop Somebody come quick, we need a mop!
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