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dreamcatcher, dreamcatcher catch me a dream a pretty, shiny, lovely thing a siren song that gleams let it cover up the ugly parts the mismatched cloth and clumsy stitches shoved underneath the bed to hide
When dark spell of night tames the day Convoy of moon along with stars, gallop their way From the day's toil, I simmer down Crawl into to the bed and sleep sound My mind dives into the sea of dreams, very deep
What did I do to Deserve to be Your dream catcher Consuming the dreadful things To protect your delicate soul. What did I do to
I'll protect you from your fears like I have for all these years   your dreams in the still of night will not cause you any fright   darkness will bring only rest and sleep
I have the same routine when I wake up, In the morning. Put on my shirt and jeans Go to work. Typically I make coffee for breakfast, Getting two hours of sleep My body craves it.
Every smile is not a smile within Whether its love or hate, its never an easy sin   Tears of both pain and joy are seen as one These tears have no name, are always unknown  
Dancing, swirling, threads and beads Reaching about the fragile frame. Entwined in the many strands Are my many horrible dreams. Many were caught in the never-ending web. Caught and never to escape
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