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One little girl staring out the window  She is alone but not lonely She has a dove Sometimes she shares her secrets  Sometimes she just stays silent Days pass by Then months and then Years
My eyes open wide to the sky up above   the chill in the wind blows through me.   I open my arms at the sight of a dove,   but the pearly bird confused me.    
Pure love the pure white dove doesn't like hate so it cannot relate   it only knows those who love it so the dove  does not shove nor does it  hit one bit  
I give you this lonely flower Which contains all i can give I'm sorry I didn't have the power To give you a better chance to live   But in this world that's dying Hope for a better tomorrow is rare
I am a lonely face searching a heart to rest in Yearn for a warm embrace Soft and gentle skin   To protect and nurture  Help that being grow I will search for her Till the day I know
Hello my name is well known and will never be forgotten    dont focus on that right now because it is my power over you and your disbelief of it that is important   
A stream of compassion flows with peace A river of grace is love
Dejection, No affection. Depression, No expression.   Happiness? No. Not anymore. No more blessedness. No more galore.   Why do I still love. Why do I still trust.
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