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From a very young age, a girl is told to hide away Hide her feelings  Hide her opinion  Hide her intelligence 
The color of my skin is just another part of me… so what? My gender does not define me… so what? I am not restrained by my religion… so what? My sexuality does not dictate my individuality… so what?  
There is this simile That has been told many times to me “Girls are like apples on a tree”        They said, nodding their heads oh-so-wisely, “The ones at the bottom get picked quick
How to guide On why feelings suck and why I don't recommend them
Track records are damning, They slip into the folds of your skin like bar codes of your past.So that the technology of our future generations may simply blink to download them. Tracks records are the tattoos of prostitution to a prior cause.
Bellowing. I could hear it all the way from where I sat, halfway down the hall.
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