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Ode to Averageness.   Oh to be average, how comfortable and sweet, never first never last but always at the meet.   Oh to be average, what would I do without your bounds,
An ode to the immature and the unworthy. Spare me your frivolous troubles,
Your opinion of me is so important that I will destroy myself in order to gain your acceptance. I will stop eating so you will think I am skinny. I will wear three pounds of make-up
Staring into the mirror, a sob escapes from my lips. A monster glares back at me, eyes daunting, laughing at such pain. Seeing a distorted image, one of disgust and fat. Skin clinging to bone,
It's 8 a.m. and I wish I were blind. I could spare myself the pain of staring at a reflection dying to change, trapped in this body. I wouldn't have to wear my worn skin,
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