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I thought writers and readers were more educated. Have you not heard of figurative speech? Not every expression is to be taken literally. And only idiots would take general terms personally.  
Some dictionaries define homophobia as fear of, dislike of or prejudice against homosexuals But many people have different perceptions of homophobia that do not make sense
It was 1966- then, so I can only imagine and invent their words myself because I was only three, and still ignorant of politics. Though now I understand
My grandma has a heart bigger than the Minnesota lakes she grew up on. She would give you the shirt of her back if you asked for it, feeds the neighborhood squirrels right out of the palm of her hand,
What can I say to make it better? What can I say to make it not hurt?
I believe we may have missed it the year of reconciliation The prospect of harmony, of order Just a smidgen from symmetry the precarious plane tipped
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