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To touch is the feeling you don't get after death, No more thinking, speaking, taking one last breath. The cuts, the thoughts, all don't matter. When you're mother is crying, getting sadder and sadder. 
I prefer the dead For the never judge. I prefer the dead For the never degrade. I prefer the dead And maybe... They prefer me.
Slices throats like if a knife hasn't been touching mine, Slice wrist like if i hvaen't done it once or twice in a row, Slice pie like a holiday to bring the family together rather
I saw the headlights They were quick One step There's two dirrections I can go Behind me, I'm whole Forward, I'll lay in pieces   I wish my farewells in my head Before I take a step
The homeless roam the streets, to the alleyways where the graffiti speaks, but is not heard, written by the vandals who sneak away at night while their parents sleep, the vandals fingertips burn for a chance to flow,
Dear Grandpa   Do you remember when i came home from school when I was 5? You sat me down at the table for a snack and told me my dog Tippy died.   Grandpa, Do you remember when
Drowning in the depths of despair With every single breath I take, wishing it was my very last. I hate it here. I try and I try and I try at last nothing. Nothing to be proud of, no result of satisfaction.
Don't be frightened, come with me,  I'll numb your pain and misery.  You've seen me before, I'm back again, you seem to have hidden me for so long.  I'm certain I will spread, more and more you'll need to bleed.  I'm more then a addiction, it's pl
Find my peace of mind, the meaning of its bind, I keep searching through the mine with no success I have yet to find.   Open up your eyes, seek past all the lies, break all of those ties
you said i was too fat, so stopped eating, i wasnt hungry anyway, you pushed me down today, you said i deserved it, i think so too, you called me a slut in history, i havent even kissed anyone,
Dear Vanity,   I seem to have this predilection for abandoning anything that is not perfect.
To the boy that haunts me,I apologize.And I know if youwere here,breathing and still intact,you’d say it’s not my fault.And I know you’re right,that you pulledyour own triggerand
  I look in the mirror and see nothing What I mean by nothing I mean everything, but happiness   I see the scars on my wrists, hips, and thighs I see my full rib cage and the numbers dropping down on the scale
Darkness encroaches  The feelings disappear Loneliness approaches  Don't look in the mirror    Swollen eyes  Tear stained cheeks Keep up the lies  Until one leaks   
How do you continue your life   When you are at the end of a knife   A knife that consist of depression   A knife that causes submission   When you are alone what can you say  
I'm sorry I'm insane I'm sorry I'm not good enough I'm sorry that I apologize for everything I can't help it I feel that you deserve better than me Please forgive my thoughts I can't control them they run rampant they control me Please love me I'm
  Because i love youI’ll kill myselfif you stop talking to me  
I met you at the age of fourteen I was confused by your presence and being You came to me at my most vulnerable When my will was depleting  
In the dead of night, How comforting to feel a warm heat Dripping down my icy skin. I wonder why, As dark red runs in rivulets Down my arms and wrists, This is the moment I feel most alive.
I was all lonely You had nothing better to do You hit me   Then I were to die Because you hit me I was traumatized   Then I tried to die
I'm writing, recording, hustling trying to get paid. My future brighter than the sun no wonder why they throw shade. I am my own person. Still trying to find myself because I'm not certain, of who I am.
494,169 self-inflictions 44,193 fatalities   4 men who cry at night because racial slurs have bruised their souls, 9 teenagers near the end of the rope because depression wrecked their goals,
My skin
Act of suicide, Due or die, We a will fly, But only if we try, Some of us we do our best, Some of us we do all the rest, But there’s one girl who you may know, One girl who wouldn’t show,
With hurt so deep inside Buried within my soul My cuts I try to hide The feeling keeps me whole   I don't want to quit The hurt and the pain It all seems to fit Ending in senseless gain
Misery loves company So meet me by the hanging tree Where my friends all are, and there they are Hanging together beneath the stars. When night falls, He appears Feeding on our darkest fears.
remember me as being happy. don't look to deep into my depression nowpretend that i was all smiles an joypretend that i am off on a journey, soaring through the clouds 
She bleeds and bleeds the deeper the cut, She feels the pain down deep in her gut. There is nothing left to do now, She bends over to take her final bow.   Oh god above if you ever did exisit,
Snow, So pure and white. Like the silver dress of a show girl, You sparkle and shine in the sunlight.   Snow, Slowly turning red.
  Mom. Dad. Can you hear me? Are you listening?
She's there waiting, She knows my fate. I'm on my way, She Hoped I'd wait. I miss her so. I fear I'm late. I see her standing, at Heaven's gate.
You Can't see the Noose   Coming 10, Had some friends Had to learn No bad ends   Coming 12, Hello World Oh so broken Little Girl   Fourteen,
It's like a song stuck on repeat...I stand there, It starts out solemn but darkness awaits It envelopes me and yet I don't care, The world being ripped by its seams, they close the gates,
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