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Life is wonderful Life is full of love Life is full of happiness Life was not all ashes Life was never easy But it is full of love New events happen everyday The days are going pass quite quick
Like the sound of distant coughing the masks of people’s courage fail and we flail in amongst our daydreaming fears the tears of beast we don’t normally acknowledge 
As days passes by, we see everyone But when they stop, we see darkness Although everyone begin at their own time Its nice to see you at my time Haunt me with your emotions And I'll surrender my commotion
The days of the week each have their own feeling and job Monday: Tired, listless and a couple more cups of coffee than usual: The dreaded day
Open my eyes I see the ceiling What is it That I’m feeling The thought of wanting to sleep But no I have things to keep   Is it my grades Is it my will Is it my days
Imitation stars.Bright lights for a shadow heart.Wonder where the imitation starts And he begins.
Morning I wake up covered in dust   Lying in bed all night makes my bones feel like rust   What I can do to make myself look "right"  
Do you remember me? I remember you. Will you ever return? I do want you to. Do you know how long it's been? Or have you forgotten? I know how long it's been. I have it here written.
Birth of Dawn   look down, breath's thick in your mouth,  drifting out like dragonsmoke. the grass beneith your feet,  damp with the crisp kiss of false dawn.
Trudging my feet across the street Waiting underneath a foggy, humid sky, Yet again, the bus is late. An hour long ride from my home to school Foreign music blasting my eardrums
The day of all days is the day that I triumphed,
  What if this time i'll lose   What if tomorrow dies    'What if' she said               BUT   What if this time i'll win   What if today is my day   'What if' she ASKED
The end Of our days
on cloudy days she sits alone
Monday: Day of New-beginnings, clean-slates, a constant reminder of another week of school.
I am sitting here with a needle in my hand, the contents in it...
Do you have those days? When the world is on your side, walking by you, protecting you, to reassure that she, is not as bad as people say?   Do you have those days?
Days go by and still I think Of where I’ll go and what I’ll be My heart screams when is it my turn to reach the key?!
Fading into the background Washed out by greatest Suddenly hearing no sounds No cheers as I approach that line I made it right! I finished Where is my accolade? My recognition!
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