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Bio says: I’m on a few anti-depressants and appetite suppressants  cabernet whole lot of “white girl shit” If I ain’t at the gym, I’m with the squad and getting lit
HOW DO YOU MAKE SOMEONE LIKE YOU? [I really hope you can help] WHY DO SOME PEOPLE TREAT OTHERS SO BADLY? [I don't know what I did] HOW DO YOU HEAL A BROKEN HEART? [I should have known better]
Blood on my lips  skin split open  whole punches on my heart debilitated knees. i promise i won't fall apart, until the sun goes under  so when i rise  it'll be shining, 
Those eyes Those beautiful, blue-green eyes. Smiling, laughing, then Nothing at all. At least not towards myself. A glance, A wave, A passing infatuation, D i s s i p a t i n g
My mind never sits still. So perhaps it’s my fault that everything we are, Morphs.  Reorganizing itself against my skull Dissected a million times over into nail-sized pieces, A lab experiment.  
Welcome to the lonely hearts club Takes place on a Friday night From swiping right Consists of sexual photo close ups  
"How do the longness of the true love is?" was my question to my girlfriend, she held my hand and covered my nose, i removed it quickly, i thought she was about to kill me, but she said;
dear megan,   if i wanted to write you a letter to finally say everything i wanted to say if i ever saw you again   i guess  
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