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The darkest secret of your heart is hurting me You hurted me between your entire abyss And you turned me into one as black as my tears I cried with my days As the woman in black and white
A rather dim lit view A dim lit view of a place I once knew   A place which is capable of feeding my joy A joy that some call an oddity   As my cheeks begin to  secede
You stole my heart, You stole my mind. I thought you were different, Possibly a great find. This may be true, Even to this day. You still hold my heart, In a painfully beautiful way.
How could you love me But give me that script Played that role like "you the only girl" Gave you everything I could  Including my 1st time under the sheets You never thought you'll get ccaught up
I sit here In a once comforting place Now haunted by vivid memories They circle around me Like vicious banshees Screaming mistakes and regrets
No ! No that's it I'm done!
Immense pain and depression Most unbearable and intolerable, That thoughts of it just kill even more! Eyes filled with salty tears of sorrow And pain that clings onto the soul
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