dark poetry

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everybody dies, everything else is lies. this is the only truth, there is no surprise. no matter where you hide, death will come and find you. it was meant to be, it will remind you. it won't hear you scream, it won't wipe your tears.it will stand
                                  Dearest wanderer of sorrow,               Possessing the weakened bones which quake of agony;
another day living among the void and the darkness.. sitting in my usual corner and wondering why i become so heartless.
"Shut up you slut! You like this! You love it!" She screamed into my ear Hot fiery breath As if she ate hell for breakfast And fucked me for desert I hated her I wanted her gone
Myself in actuality is not what people see. I'm no pretty face walking down the street, I'm no dainty damsel you care to meet. I am a woman dressed in courage, living in the moment.  
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