curly hair

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She's my sunshine in the rain, quite figuratively when thinking back to that day One of the first days I realized I loved her She pranced like a child- or a reindeer I'm not sure which is cuter
It took a bug flying into my hair To make me realize.   A little beetle, Brown, And scared, As I frantically untangles it from my mane.   I buzzed way, Barely escaping suffocation
I Am Curly   Does the very nature of my curls explain the very kinks of my personality? Of course it doesn't Of course it doesn't matter if my hair is short or long because "you look like a boy"
Dear nine yr old me You are a Nubian princess Wear your hair Dark and lovely A crown of curly wool On top of your head Do not pale in comparison To the brighter or whiter Your skin radiates Glows as bright as the night sky  Above a flourishing Ede
Fresh out the shower Kinky curls so soft and bouncy Flowing everywhere as it dries Creating a giant afro of curls   I look in the mirror and lather on lotion I get dressed and grab my phone
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