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As true love strikes dawn,  a passionate night has begun,     continue !! use my work to cotinue your path of art 
There is a weakness in me. A small glint  of a child not yet grown.   It lives in me, And everything I am; everything I do.
I carry my canteen of hope in my backpack on hikes sometimes it weighs me down  walking up the mountains but as i reach the peak  the canteen refreshes me if i threw away the backpack because it's too heavy
I feel like you look for messages engraved in the cliche i don't like it but it seems to work. this is straight forward. i miss my metaphors tired and hungry I can't help but wonder
What a tremendously frightening sight, I try to contain my furious might, As I look up to the stars in the night, I realize that I am nothing.   I see water cascade down the rock with mold,
You are faced with a choice, for some will disagree with whatever choice you make. You need to focus on what is the best for you and your off-spring. If you decide to keep it, why ? what do you have to offer ? If you decide to abort them, Why?
It doesn't matter what you say, It doesn't matter what you call me, I will continue on. You can't control me, and I don't need you, I will continue on. You're through with me?
So I keep pushing through..a door with the words "trials and tribulations" written across to let me in on the other side. I wont back down so I keep pushing through. Graduation is now over. Time to get ready for college.
Seasonal breeze, please slide in my window, Flow through my hair and take away the pain of cramping fingers. I love my big brain, but with the way it’s being endowed
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