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I’m pursuing the career of an actor, anyone can say that However, as time goes by you have to work harder And you must stay consistent with it   I became lazy
Day in and out, we speak of Diversity, Commend Creativity, Condemn pure Consistency.  We dream of a world full of Abnormality, Homosexuality,  When, in Reality, 
funny how consistent you seem to be in my mind as the sun starts to leave behind a trail of the classic gold and pink  that you made symbolic of my loving fleeting youth so tell me the truth
RLRR LRLL   In a hall of thousands
Standing before you, An endangered soul. Mold with gold and once embodying the whole given. And now My Frail and lanky stature, stands before you  piercing every eye.
As she lies awake in a dark room Nothing but the wind and the tock of the clock
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