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  There I was standing                 amongst hundreds Standing                            waiting                                            In anticipation  
Color blind Living lifeTryna findPeaceFighting warsBleeding redUnder the shimmering seaMy brotherIn blackIn white
I always got my best grades in art class Participation grades are where it's at because As a below-average student, even I could pass I always got my best grades in art class. 
The moment I mention his name, Like the silence of the dreams they haven't yet killed, The room becomes quiet and still. Their words like whips "CRACKS!" start to fill the room Slicing gashes on my heart.
I work harder As I ponder the future
As a writer, it's incredibly frustrating to be colorblind.  "Sapphire. Ultramarine. Phthalo. Robin's egg. Teal, turquoise,  indigo, cobalt, cerulean."
Your hatred is unreasonable, unfathomable, and irrational. So why continue to say that name in place of my own? You are the NIGGER  The low-down and the dirty. The hatred.
Race in America 
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