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  I stand at a crossroads Who am I? Who do I wish I was? Who do I want to become?   In three weeks Four days
in the midst of it of disease and sickness i struggle struggle to pull myself out of bed start the
Time drags on Hours feel like days I know I need this class               For my major               For my future               To stay in Hong Kong But it’s so boring
Tall palm trees shimmy in the soft breeze,  Standing tall like soilders, Guarding the colossal college walls. Daunting yet appealing waves wash over me,  As my bold reflection stares back at me,
To be the first, What a wonderful thought. To be the first in a family, Oh how much has been fought To achieve something my family has not.  
When I was Five, I was lively and carefree At Ten, I was ready to take on the world Sixteen and Seventeen Made me feel so grown up
It isn’t that I didn’t see it coming or wasn’t warned It’s that I never imagine it happening so fast As though I hopped into a time machine and now I’m here  
Back then I didn't know Though they always told me That soon I would grow And then it would be o'er   Childhood is Waiting to drive Dreading school Wanting to make your own decisions
The interstate flying by, the destination nearing,Though it's only 12 AM, we are getting weary.We break at dawn to start our journey,Living off McD's and dining hall food.
I’m sitting in my car Steering wheel in my sight My car is parked I’m waiting for my sister to come outside It’s weird that I’m the driver That I’m even old enough to drive
Standing there, Tall and fair A girl with a future, unprepared Growing again, making memories last   Standing out, actions scream and shout A young girl full of doubt
So closeI can almost see itFeel it, a tightness in my chestWhen I remember what is comingOnly three more years before I'm on my own   How can I do it?How can it be here?I don't know how I feel
It’s time for you to leave. Here we are, Standing in this room which could be the equivalent of a jail cell. Cinderblock walls, stone floors, and 2 of everything. 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 dressers, 2 closets.  
College. A big word, a thrilling word, a costly word, a scary word. There was a time when that word meant very little to me, A vague term that had nothing to do with my life. Now it draws ever closer,
I sit dreading the unknown. Oh boy I think Im boned. I have no money in the bank. Now I think Im truly sank. The FAFSA sees my families dough. I wont get any though. Paying for college on my own.
My brothers, my guysA family in disguiseOne of the greatest in my eyesMy brothers by choiceMy guys wit
As you age, you remember me As you live, you remember me As your body dies, you remember me As your mind follows, you remember me
In the darkness, I feel lost and weary I have to gasp, reach for a single breath. The pressure grows, truly it is scary I turn face so as to not embrace death.   The night goes on and the monster whispers
I don’t want to be like you. I know that hurts for you to hear after all you have done for me But it whispers across the distance between us whenever I go away Or when I speak of my goals and my future desires.
Listening to ‘Sleigh Ride’ while studying for exams, Watching The Santa Clause on Friday night in the lounge, Rudolph doesn’t seem the same without your family,
Dear Blackberry,   When I first met you, You were bigger than me. A father's first gift to his newborn child. In my earliest memories, you're right there with me: Playing with you,
Dear Sister,   When you were born I remember receiving A bright red camera I remember Clutching it close
Dear reader, it’s you. How’re you doing?Have you followed your passion? Are you living your dreamUp at college? Even if your parents first dreamed it for you,You made it your own; that takes effort to do!
Dear Mom and Dad,   I have just six months left in this home This home of tears Of constant wars Of too many nights gone without saying
Hi Clay!! Its Nia.  
Dear Stress,   You have not been kind. You used to be bearable. You used to come in waves, and You used to come from out of nowhere. You would visit me here and there, but
I dream of thoughts and spaces where I reclaim my power, I dream of reciting verses: A reclamation of the use of my voice. A voice that in reality fights being free,
I love you college, but youre just too expenisve.
Dear Childhood, I had been  wrapped In your warm, comforting arms For seventeen years But then, as the minutes ticked away to midnight I felt your grip loosen as you prepared
I find myself sipping bitter coffee In the same shop I sat in In a different season In a different state of mind. Because, as the chairs in here rearranged themselves, As sippers came and went,
He said, "I love everything about you," "Even your lips," But according to him, I should love his lips, His forehead that leaned against mine, And his hand that rested on the back of my head.
Once upon a time, in the hills of the country far away, there lived three little pigs. These pigs spent most of their days taking care of their home made out of straw, and the land around them.
My environment makes me It shapes who I am My environment makes me It shaped who I am My environment makes me It makes it hard to trust friends Saw the other side was green
 Here the boy sat writing for his future. He'd hoped it would all work out  yet the standards have been set by the the past. For the boy was not the magnificent Walt or Dickens himself. Yet he still pushed himself, 
They tell me education is the key to success the key that will get me out this mess the key that will present me with a new dress, walk and flow about me. Present me as "Doctor" instead of "Mister"
American is true To you But, not to me I am a white male see? My chances are low And I am not slow Please help me to grow As I pursue college College for all! 
I remember applying to my first college And questioning if I had done good enough the last three years I remember hitting submit And anxiously waiting for a response  
From the death of Harambe to dank Twitter memes This is my year in a nutshell of 2k16 I lost my boyfriend ten times last year Went to 9 parties and blacked out last year Graduated high school and won a poetry slam
Do I have to sign up for college? I don't want to. I better otherwise I will be living as a bum. Guess what?   I want to go to college. Scholarships may be hard to win but it will be worth it.
I feel you latch onto my fingers I feel your warmth overcome me I’m so comfortable with you Dependency begins to overcome me Seldom I feel that I can live without you Saturday nights I love you best
This infatuation, Causes me nothing but utter frustration. I've never actually talked to you, And I think a conversation is long over due. But when I see you walking around capmus,
I drink, I drone, My future unknown. Coffee helps with the moan, And early morning foam. To college I’ve shown, Myself a new home, Though to graduate alone, Brings itself a sad tone.
We play by each rule. We Stay in school. We  Study late. We Wake Up By Eight. We  Review for Test. We Do our best. We
I really must eat I do not know how to cook Fast food's in the past   While they could still cook It is time for me to learn Time to do or die   I have failed before
I am about to be a millennial, in a world of extreme competition. Finishing a school of quadrennial, about to pay for college tuition.  
As I lie still my mind says "move" but my body says "snooze" Negotiations begin and its decided that another 2 won't make the GPA bruise But 2 passes, and now 4, and soon 10
Being in college can be quite a stress. The cadets telling me how to act and dress. Can’t stand being put under all the duress. Sometimes it gets so bad that I want to scream and shout
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