Car Accidents

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They smile as they remember how they met. She laughs until her eyes are wet. He can't help but look at her face, A moment he would never erase. He's staring at her and he starts to laugh too.
To the 2 yr old boy unresponsive from the accident on the 215 highway Laying at umc Your mother is in front of the chapel On her knees
How do you tell a 5 year old someone's gone? How do you tell a 5 year old their best friend left? How do you tell a 5 year old a role model has disappeared? How do you tell a 5 year old a loved one is dead?  
I may not be able to speak Yet, I'm begging to For I have still so much to prove I feel as if there is nothing I can do I'm paralyzed The movement in me is no longer
For just a split second your heart had stopped. You heard the obscene collision prime; then came the image, as your mouth dropped with shock, you craved a bit more time. 
Buckle up Keep your eyes on the road Dont question what i say just do as your told  Novice drivers are the leading cause of accidents I think we just have too much confidence
Am I a liar? Am I a murderer? Am I responsible? You were driving home. You sent a text- I love you. I laughed and replied- I love you more. But was that a lie?    
The Improbable Day Sets memories again
It was a rush of blood, a clashing of sound   To think one glance could throw me upside down  
I blink as the warmth enters my eyes
She didn’t even see it coming, The car attempted to slam on its brake, Unfortunately it was too late to start running, Her life, the car was determined to take.
We're going steady, Enjoying life, Working hard, having fun. Wishing now I had a chance to say goodbye. If it was not for that fool, What was he thinking, Texting, Driving,
Panic. Despair. I'm running out of air, The ground is coming up, I have no way to stop, Wait! I don't want to die, I wanna live.
she sings the lullaby that used to make him sleepy as a baby "i heard the truck turned too sharply and he was passing too close, it tipped over his car and..."
Man I’ve been studying all week and haven’t had a break I need some fun and a night out to keep me awake. Instead of the club I go to the gym Then I get a text from him. He won’t be able to talk on the phone tonight
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