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And who is it that cares to think anymore as to whatever became of the former femme fatales- yesterday's darling divas? Those once glittering beauties from the barrios of Denver and L.A.
I never knew life was so tough. All the bullies, they treat you so rough. All my coaches were jerks when I played, And all the people I loved never decided to stay.
I know you're hurt. I know you're broken. I know that you thought the last time that this happened was truly going to be the last time. I want to start off by saying that it's okay. It is okay to not be okay.
Don't lie to me please. I felt the shifting, I felt the metal creaking in your mind  I felt the idea wheels turning  Dont lie to me please.  I felt when the I Love You was merely infatuation 
Do you see now? Our hate is causing people to bleed out. Our love has disappeared into thin air. The air which we steal from the lungs of another.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me but is it really true cause words can do both break you down and make you new but people today are so corrupt using word that are so abrupt that tear you down bary you six feet into
"It was a pleasure to burn." Those were the words that I begged for my soul For my heart My bones My lips to utter truly,   Truly. That fire, Was killed by a dying mother, 
Please Stay Out Of Mind, Please Just Go Away, As Soon As I Regain Composure, And Take Every Memory Of You, And Tuck It In That Safe In The Back Of My Mind, After I Place Bandages On The Cuts On My Bruised Heart,
But I’m broken. And now anger overflows within me. And I still feel lost. Not because I still love you, this isn't even about you anymore.
"Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack."  
The mirror's peers peering  Into the glass mask erected to hide  That he takes advantage of their selective hearing  To conceal the burning hell inside  Terrified that the mirror's fears blazing 
I’m a machine, [whirring] A robot in disguise, An impostor walking through the world. Seeing, learning, recording, But never truly being. [Click. Click. Click.]
Needles can stab and make holes, Rocks can be thrown and make bruises, As words can be said and make damages, A heart can be tossed and break into tiny little pieces  
I am a beautiful vase. Society glances and admires My elegance, my collectiveness, My flawlessness.    But this one, simple glance Does not allow them to see
1: My doors closed shut without any mercy to let free me.
Inspire me;
sunlight reflected from his vacant eyes brown, dark, perpetually lacking sleep they drooped, never looking sober
Brokenness is crumbling, cracked blue It sounds like pottery carelessly shattered on tiled floors. It smells like a dry, humid summer day.
I started out a strong girl, happy and Independent, but then everything changed. My world slowly fell apart; the walls caved In on me. The floor fell out and left me As I slowly crumbled into pieces.
Who Am I? What makes me, me? I have been ashamed of me. Afraid of me. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I wonder why You chose me, What do You see in me that I can't see?
(The video is slightly different that what is written)
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