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One Day
I stay here and I wait. But why? for what? You don't care. I get what I am to you, I never leave. I'm loyal, I'm a good person.  So you take advantage of that so you go away and expect me to be here when you get back. 
I'll let you go because it's what's best. Your reason for being was as a lesson. Does it hurt? Well, of course it does but all pain fades. Am I sad? Well, of course but after the sadness comes understanding.
Swirling chaos
So innocent I thought
Friendship The word crushed and smothered and erased Leaving me on the floor gasping and confused So lonely and untrusting of myself Until a star came out of the darkness Shining and swadling me in warmth
How dare you? Somebody who cared about
I’m done with this friendship
I miss it all very much. 
Peace in the mind is all I wish for Joy in the heart, I would love to claim But it plays games Making a never ending race Close enough for me to see it, feel it, need it But too far to obtain
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