' 'broken heart' 'toxic relationships’; depression ; love

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Trust by: Luis V   I trusted you with my heart You went around and fucked with it I trusted you with my life
  1. You started to notice how big the world is, after your beloved decided she could no longer share it with you. The spot on the sink where her shampoo bottles once stood, has grown
some words i wish i could take back  moments i’d do anything to relive,  ask for for answers i never received.  what do i do? 
It's not your fault, that I'm stuck in the rain, with clouds in my mind and thundering pain.. It's not your fault, that my heart is torn, ripped up like paper since the day I was born..
After all you've put me through I still want to see you in printed photos, I keep little gifts from you in my special box  And I like to listen to your voice in the one message I have saved, sometimes
You say go tell my friends, you thought you was my man, but I can't understand. What you had in your plans.
I'm okay with being your friend Until you lead me on I fell badly for it You often say to me You treasure my company for there's peace The day you met me was a beautiful day
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