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yes i am autistic yes i have my ways yes i do flap my arms yes the sounds to loud yes i feel like i am strange yes i know im different yes i know im autistic and yes i love myself
yes i am autistic yes i have my ways yes i do flap my arms yes the sounds to loud yes i feel like i am strange yes i know im different yes i know im autistic and yes i love myself
yes i am autistic yes i have my ways yes i do flap my arms yes the sounds to loud yes i feel like i am strange yes i know im different yes i know im autistic and yes i love myself
Sometimes, we have to be brave to say hello, To a neighbor or a stranger who won't respond.At times, we have to wave at the ducks in the pond, Without being sprayed with spittle or water of coco. Sometimes, we bow our head to greet a teacher, A pr
It took me a long time to realize that we all have things in our pasts that we are not proud of, But in a strange way, maybe these hard times are actually gifts that are sent from above.
Staring in the sky In this deep blue eve, Thinking once again Of those past gone days. Old patches still hurt my heart Scared pain threatens my way Oh am trapped in mysterious world.
When I was little I ensured everyone I had the loudest scream One that would shake the world I could feel it brewing up inside me Begging for an escape But I wouldn't 
Some Think That I'm... " BRAVE "... !!! To Say The Things I Say About The Ways We Are... "ENSLAVED"... By Those Who LIVE By Getting Rich... OFF People Who SLAVE EVERY SINGLE DAY... !!!
we're both drawn to extremes,   waltzing with opposites.   it's an awe-inspiring, complicated dance.   i've never learned the steps, yet i feel like i've known them my whole life.  
I will weep for you as a willow kisses the ground I will hold your hand as I lift the weight of your shoulder Hear my shallow breath count to 10 leave your bags
I can feel his hands, branded into my skin                                                                                                                His hot breath against my cold neck 
I put on my best brave face As I try to hide That I am breaking inside   People wouldn’t understand What I’m going through Will I ever not feel blue?   Appearing to be strong
There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her
Why are you slacking? Don't take shortcuts Don't do hacks If it won't kill you Keep trying Just Try   Why are you crying? Don't be depressed Don't be scared
  He meant to marry honesty But cowardness has blessed his lips He meant to call bravery  But regrets and mistakes Were always on his tail He so much loved kindness But there goes fear
Sea shell at the bottom of the wave water crashing down forcing it to be brave as the watchers sit at the beach one decides to take a leap a step into the wave to save that shell
Soggy boots stomp on crumbled lands No tears are wept for their bloody hands Legs of lead and Hearts of steel
  There it is The Door. You know the one You pass it every single day This time, though You stop and look Just briefly
Silence. For years, only silence. And fear… no song.   Never testing the limits, Never pushing the envelope, Never hearing the song.
Little WordsCreate the birdWho flew so highHe touched the sky.And when he tumbledTo the sandNo one heardDespite the birdWho got back upAnd tried again.
Humans have an innate fear of being alone  At birth, we can’t fend for our self  We are not born with teeth or claws, 
My beloved is like Jonah; He's been in the belly of the Beast. Once the whale had thought him dinner, Jonah was quickly freed. My beloved is like Matthew; Imprisoned, though not to blame.
As an advocate for the New World,  I encorage the next generation and the ones to follow,  to keep loving what you do. Why would you want to be unhapppy in such a beautiful life?
I'm incapable of feeling fear. I know everyone gets chills down their spines when the violins screech in a horror movie.
Oh say can you see America I breathe Powerful and free   Stop trying to bring us down   The best in the world But I am only a girl Am I allowed to dream?  
The thought of someone out there Believing they do not matter, Because their president says so.    The satisfied looks on the faces of people Who have never valued those different than themselves. 
Am I Brave, as they say? Or do I continue for my fear Of failing? Equality, Individuality Unity, Diversity The archaic American Ideals
o say, can you see the walls rising to isolate us? by the light of missiles and violence. the problems will turn to ash, ash, ash. poisoning ash, killing our earth. what so proudly we hailed as a great change for America.
Why is one man raised above another? Thinking he's better just because of a color Why does one man think he can choose who belongs? Thinks he can choose who stays or who gets pushed along
 When you think of America, You might think the land of the free. The place where a man comes, To give a better life for his family.  
Land of the free home of the brave Try and say it at Trayvon's grave
Land of the Free Home of the Brave America the Great Land of the Tall Trees and Pariotic Flags Home of the Vegetable Gardens and Christian Standards America the Counrty of Living and Chaos
Bullying seems only to me to be The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me You laugh at me, you push and shove, I run home crying, to pray to the man above Ask him to help, in any way he could
You can call me beautiful But it would be more heart felt If you called me intelligent. If you let me know that my laugh is Contagious. Or that the way I carry myself is Inspiring.
We ask ourselves, why do we still continue?Why do we still rage this pointless fight?Where is the freedom and love and happiness in this microscopic light?The answer was never in the books we read, the words of our neighbors, but in the hearts and
I've never turned down a dare.  They call me fearless,  I don't tell them I cry most nights because of the unknown. I do what I want when I want.  They call me bold, 
Zoom! The bullet slid past his arm,  Boom!  His men collapsed to the ground. He trudged on through the sand like a starving scavenger snake.The American Flag shown over his weary arm.
Risen up gracefully A halo on her head Aunt Sharen earns her golden wings Slowly fading into an eternal slumber in her bed Proud, Brave, Determined, I go on That's what she would've wanted
There is a fire inside all of us.   It starts off as a spark, then it connects with your soul and ERUPTS
You asked me, for my name
Let's make this blunt like some marijuana. People never understand my mental process. How can someone so young have thoughts like these running through heir mind? Youth like me.
We still see light, We still feel warmth, We still hear melody, Why do we have trouble, Seeing love, Feeling love,
My heart is pounding. I start to sweat. I know nothing out there can hurt me; But in my head it already has.   How can I face all these people? Am I being too needy? Maybe I should say hi.
Bombs everywhere, missiles left and right, clenching my gun in my hand so tight. Side versus side, so scared but I will never show it, America the Brave, proud and heroic.
It is never easy but its what I am BRAVE i get dirty, but feel no shame i get hurt, but I get back on on a bull i bull I ride one girl one beast hearts race, crowds cheer
Morning, its your wake up call, Don't fall back asleep, you might not get another chance, This might make you want to get up and just dance, Rewards don't just come, don't just glance,
Some not all can see, But we all have flaws don't we? Flawless is not me.
Dealing Small, fractured bones Dealing Life-changing codes Dealing Broken homes Dealing Depression grows   Overcoming Healing wounds Overcoming Death assumed
Light feet beat out the rhythm lodged within the recesses of her wild mind,bringing to lifethe sweet melodiesof Mother Earth.Soft lips sing the truth of the world
Her eyes sparkled like onyx But her head was bald She walked slow but steady Wasn't sure about life but she was ready And she  Was beautiful He lost half his face in the blast
Bullies and parents put me down
In memory of Leelah Alcorn A poem by: Destiny Diaz (ddiaz80) ©All rights reserved *** Forced to wear a mask, As I epitomize a façade, That many will believe,
Without the Filters,
Why must we sustain ourselves and reframe ourselves to bes the perfect image of what others defines as perfect?
Why So Much Hate?   Why so much hate? With the shoes he wear The pants he loves The shirt he adore for  
Why So Much Hate?   Why so much hate? With the shoes he wear The pants he loves The shirt he adore for  
Sometimes we find that our lungs collapse,  our minds wrap around the idea of relapse. We fall to the ground and gasp for air,  why, oh God, is this life not fair?  With hands on our hearts and a knot in our chest,
America land of the free
Big Brother Risen
Peel back the layersand look inside; deep in the abyss you will find.   A little spark a lovely note; some most have but others hope.   When all that's left
I'm the kind of person who worries about leaning my seat back in airplanes.
The silence was seriously starting to get to her,This was the day,The day everything goes down.It’s not every day the earth swallows you whole in one mouth full.
i knew you were my hero
Brave- to live a life worthy of the calling have recieved. To not be afraid, but to leap, to jump, to go.  To not be scared of the unknown but to embrace it.  I want to be brave. I long to fly.
Head held high I walk through the halls, I am who I am. Tired but proud, in this place I am small, I am who I am.  Monitors beep while sick children sleep, I listen carefully.
Small, shy and scared of the world You were teased, humiliated, embarrassed No one stood up for you, they just laughed along With a bruised tear stained face you go home, crying yourself to sleep.
And when you told methat dayunder the maple treeI already knew.I didn't recognize, but,I already knew.How...uncertain it is out there.And now you're gone?Leaving?
      Yearning for attention
Your soft tiny hands, Your soft tiny feet, Your cute baby face, No one can ever compete.   Those cute tears that rolls down
Gone away to war has he, Always meant the world to me He was strong, he was tough,
  To sense the warm sunshine take a glimpse at your skin, The wind dance in your hair,
Stay brave Stay strong Never let anyone or anything stop you from going on When life seems hard stay brave stay strong Sometimes it may seems that you can’t go any further 
Silence. It crashes upon the shores of noise with the sound of television static. Then it stops. There is nothing but darkness in my ears and stars exploding in my brain.
He's on every wall of every room,  Around our necks and in our heads,  In our hearts, in what we said.  He hangs on the cross,  Head bowed in shame 'Cause you can't do one thing. 
 Thundercloud come, make a sound! to shudder up my spine and bring tears down in fear… For I am afraid of what’s inside, afraid to face my fears.   Lightening, strike! Come blind my eyes
  Bravery is rare This simple, sad truth Makes it worth so much more Than other characteristics, Discarded along the winding
Take my handHold it tightTell me Things will be alrightI am scaredYou were rightThese thingsAlways were in sight
maybe I am not brave enough to say it but I have written it and it is your time to read it. you will learn from the words. written by those who live amongst you and from those who wrote in the past.
I have trouble speaking aloud; it could because of the bullies. Words are easier to write, I don't have to worry. My voice will not shake; my hand is firm, as my pen creates a world out of my own words.
We are the Best The Bravest At least that’s what is said Over and Over again Even after our Last Breath
  SHE STANDS, LOUD AND CLEAR  In that moment, night fell and bade farewell to drifting stars lost in the atmosphere  Silence  was an understatement  She - like a sunflower in a hurricane
These walls are clutteredwith the scribblingsof clumsy hands.Small fingers clench markerstoo big to hold tight enoughto articulate dreamstoo great to let go of.Us “grown ups” know nothing
Ah, Gamer man, you have a destructive swagger, Level over 9,000, Vegeta don't challenge him! I make lots of funds from buttons, disks and my hands, I make lots of fun in smashing foes with a thought, Geniuses,
I sat upon a hill and looked out at the wide expanse before me, Rich green grass covered the earth beneath me, and an honest Blue sky stretched out endlessly People walked, and ran, and laughed, and spoke, and sang
When you are a child you idolize people who strike the hope in you And fill the vacant light inside your empty shell You build them castles to rule, and give them victories, and name them kings, queens, and Gods
In hindsight we’re living the dream, But hindsight is blind sight and in mind’s eye In fact we’re destroying the dream. Corrupting morality for technology, But we’re forgetting to keep open eyes,
Holding the thick black tape recorder your life is at your hands. With the ability to move forward but the rewind button contains broken bands. This apparatus is yours to keep. To stop, play and go forward
I was in love once But that love came at a price That price was pain No pain no gain, and tears turn to shame I am fighting my fear Fighting my pain Because without love what do I have to live for
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