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You sap my life of joy, Rival, With those words of doubt. I love and you can't, Rival And drive affections out.
sleeping, I should be sleeping, But you find me here up and writing keys clicking space bar tapping anxious but calm intervals of still and shaking
Little Sister,   Please, baby sister Stop tearing at your body. Your heart Your soul Is crying, Baby sister You will never find purpose in the clouds of smoke
1 2 3 4 5 6 at 6 I learned that marriage can't end well and that families can't be happy 7 at 7 I knew things that I shouldn't  have. 7 I wrote stories about death and sex and murder. 
Click, switch – laughter silly girl, full of joy Click, switch – anger holes in walls, bruised fingers Click, switch – pain curled in a ball, bleeding at the wrist Click, switch – sadness
Are you proud of me? I wanted so badly, to be, what you wanted me to be. I've tried, I've struggled, I've fought, And I've stumbled.   Am I proud of where I am today?   I'm here,
I padlocked the miles so distance could be kept In a vault where nothing of value could be dreamt Can you slam my fingers in a metal door Till they crunch and I can't touch No not anymore
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