Black woman pride powerful spoken word

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That color suits you Satin skin draped along the stem Waiting to be noticed We made a connection As I sat across the room I noticed you, in full perception In full beauty, in full bloom
this last year had alot of lessons learned alot of bridges burned, alot of pain felt, and alot of heart ache, i never shed so many tears, and felt so choked, while oddly breathing, it was over
The older generation talks about how we record everything and how we are always on social media but still has the right to comment under a video that's posted on social media and call us brain washed degenerates.  Just because I was born in this g
I'm done hiding behind my shadow I want to step into the light. I'll walk this road alone and fight with all my might. I'm done with the lies I'm done with the fakes. I'm done slithering around with these nasty little snakes.
I used to pray for a son.Could you imagine a little baby boyWith big brown eyes and chocolate brown skin;With an imagination so big that the whole world could fit in.
The black woman is like a symphony Each part of her is how god wanted it and how it's meant to be You call her head nappy but I call it natural This may sound sappy but
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