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my tears fall faster then rain coming down my window my tears are heavier then 1,000 braids in my head my tears mean more then i could ever imagine  my tears have seen it all my tears have been wiped away
It's hard to pretend to be someone you're notYou don't have to choose your spotYou're not a mistakeYou are a piece of artIt isn't your faultYou are not a mistakeIt wasn't your bullet to take
I'm here. I've always have been. My screams are as loud as the ocean waves a pure calmness to your ears. Alone.  Like a leaf that's blows away but it doesn't matter because the trees will grow again. I am...
Sitting next to a willow I recalled, The carefree look that brawled, Heavenly wind passing through my rolls, Making me feel as happy as a calm at high tide;  
Finding your own journey asset With your eyes closed We just have to go on Just go on;   The road is unknown but
My Compass
Roses are red Violets are blue  I am beautiful  And so are you
Everyday, I wake up Wishing this day will be good Tellig myself You gonna get through it But am I able? Cuz when I see how people are I just want to vomit Not all of them, of course
  You not her Don’t change A thing Not for her Or for him Be yourself Don’t be afraid
This will be hard to put out there But, I know, it'll be worth it. Life isn't fair.   I've never thought about who I am.  I could be Bi, Asexual, Homo, or Pan. All of these thoughts could be real.
Sometimes you need the silence to really find your Self. Stop trying to impress you better be your Self. Never let money or a nigga make you be something Else. Remember your special don’t ever try and sell your Self.
People ask me, "Are you okay?" I say, "Yeah. Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"
Dear me, Why do you downplay yourself so? Why is it you don't hold your self up higher? You are better than this. Your life truly matters. No one can say no if or buts about you. 
Me I am me Me is I I cannot be Without me. Being me is no lie I remain I No y o or u
Healthy Relationships.  That's a phrase I aspire to.   Healthy Relationships.  What does it mean? Healthy Relationships.  A goal and a dream.  
Society has programmed us... undesirable, Imprinting in our brains over and over what we should strive to be. We believe that in order to be acceptable ,
An indecisive prince he was, With the intent of finding his princess. Not simply any princess will do. She must meet all of the rules, To be considered true.
  Geoffrey Chaucer once said,"it is a great evil to wed a poor woman,for the cost; and if she were rich of noble birth,then you say that it is a torment to suffer her pride and her Melancholy".It seems to me that this quote still resides in women'
The cruelness in a person's judgment, the wrong in their belief  Confusing wrong with right Bad intentions, hateful thoughts a world with no peace Humans being beaten, riots unleashed, war started, creating broken families
Be true, be real, just be you. I mean sure there’ll be fakes who bully you, I’m myself and next thing I know I’m being called a freak, but I don’t care cause I'm me Just be you Be true to yourself
Unbelonging Creatures of the night Winding Untaming Unraveling Sweetening Climbing Creatures of the trees Flighting Picking Breezing Unholding Ungoing
Poetry is the essence of soul Poetry is the your heart and mind releasing how one feels at once Poetry is letting people know who you are. Poetry is the love of art Poetry is the love of being bold
Some say it’s the simple things in life That you must enjoy. I say, why not enjoy all of it For as long as your breath
I am young I am learning I am smart I am stuborn I am wise I am unaware I am organized I am disorganized I am happy I am hurt I am a hard woker  I am lazy 
I am who I say I amWhat you see is what you getand...What you get is what you see The unstoppableMagnificentUntouchableNon-arrogant I am who I say I amBelieve it or not...
#Instagram #LOL #Live without the makeup. without the drama.  without the hate.  I don't have an Instagram.  #nofilter #truebeauty #showwhoyoureallyare We love you for you. 
Tears are wrongly looked upon, As something only sorrow. They show weakness, Or they show anger. But truly, tears are meant for better.   Walk through the woods,  Run and get lost in adventure.
Beauty has no filter I once thought that filters made things beautiful I would hide my imperfections And display myself as a perfect doll I would shut out my uniqueness, my personality To be like everyone else I thought fitting in was beautiful I
I am not fake. I will not hide behind a filter.   My words are real, sometimes cunning, never fake.   Everyone is beautiful in their own way.   Why hide that beauty?
Everybody sees me--                                     At least, they think they do... Everybody loves me--                                     but not they way I'd like them to...
Words flow in and out as I speak of what I know. Quotes and lyrics emerge from my light lips. I sing stories of dreams and nightmares. My stomach rumbles and does flips.   I'm determined to break free.
Picture Perfect-ly Imperfect   *Like* *Share* *Tweet* I wish I were that pretty. I wish I were that witty. I wish… “Oh hey yeah I’m great! How are you?”
Beep Beep Beep In the dark I fumble for my phone, and there is silence. The day has not started and I am already done. Opening my eyes I swing my legs over the edge of my bed,
One of the biggest struggles I have is being able to open up.  It used to come natural,  but after some things happened I was fearful.  But the most amazing thing happened. 
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
Apparently, the only socially acceptable answer to the question "are you okay?", nowadays, is: "I'm fine". Even if you're not fine at all.
Jesus walks with in me day by day When I show them the real me they say it's not okay They say it's weird and awkward to show who you really are
I don't need it. I am me, why would I show people a filter to see? 
Individuality is key to me  
Without a veil I'm nothing special Well, not really at least I have blood running through my veins And snot in my nose My eyes are blue And my teeth white I have ten toes
Who the hell am I? If number’s don’t define me If my body doesn’t define me If my appearance doesn’t define me If money doesn’t define me Then what makes me who I am? Personality?
I walk the school walkways with my head held high, Tough and fierce, they know that I mean business I defy the stereotypes
It is as an old photograph, fading with every second
Sometimes- I tremble like the fault lines,
I don't know what I want
When I walk down the street, I feel their eyes They look at me but don’t know why I used to stay in my room and hide Scared of judgments, Terrified.   One day I took a glance in a glass
Am I what people say I am Am I what people want me to be Am I who I think I am Am I who I want to be 
they like the people shaken not stirred   but people are better off empowered than insured   and who are they anyway   because they
Live  Live Like There's No Tomorrow Live Outside Of The Box Do Things That Seperate You From Others  Do What Others What Look At You Crazy For But You Don't Care, Cause Your Being Yourself 
you  have a past many scars use them to break down bars let go of your fear and dare to succeed now you know that's the reason" they're always lookin' at me " be bright, be bold
Tried but true with the gentle honesty hidden within my grin, light green eyes that lookout to see the world from within. Slightly pink skin aging slowly with wisdom,
When I was born, my father looked me in the eyes and could only manage the word, "wow" out of his dry lips, because he knew immediately that I was going to be a handfull.
I perch on a blanket underneath a huge oak tree ,  Watching interesting individuals pass by me.  I quietly laugh to myself as the popular girls at school walk by in a heard,
I perch on a blanket underneath a huge oak tree ,  Watching interesting individuals pass by me.  I quietly laugh to myself as the popular girls at school walk by in a heard,
Tilt head to the right Show left side of face Give a smile and make it bright One good shot is all it takes   
Behind the glass screen I'm more than I may seem. I am not your average Joe, I care more than you know. I may be small but if you fall I will be there to catch you. To sympathize
Discolored Skin and Acne Marks..... I am BEAUTIFUL! Stretch Marks and Scars...... I am BEAUTIFUL!
I am a Natural Beauty Them contacts, I don't need Them lashes, I won't wear That makeup it looks nice but my perfect Natural skin it don't fit right wit Because my Beauty is Natural Yes I have a Natural fro
What are filters? Filters are cover-ups, concealing the truth, Concealing the true identity to which the entity does not wish to share. They cover, so others do not see. From press, to speech, to a selfie,
Each morning my face looks at me, Some days with sleep still in its eyes. And, though I like the face I see, It's time to put on my disguise. The brown eyelashes become black;
I am a beautiful woman But my mind body and soul Is confined by the powers of this intertwined worlds Of what we call social media. The filters of normal, Kentucky, slumber, and rise
The Wander is a nomad with a purpose. The Wander walks without fear. I hold my heart close, knowing I can trust the tides of the waters rather than lips. The Wander is free.
Fabulous Ha! I love that word Eight letters, three snaps Fa-bu-lous
I look in a mirror and see nothing I take a picture and see a plan face Only when adding a filter will I feel like something When I add filter I hide the dark tint on my skin Making it my very own filter
Aye, that natural beauty tells a story show my power and courage to not be like others Show off myself because theres only one of me with added enhancers we are all the same
Today I want to say to all of you. I’m not a fan of a whole group chat. If I want them to know,
It's not our fault if we feel this way,
So many things happening around me and it just amazes me how God just continues to keep his hedge of protection around me and to bless me.I sometimes wonder about things that happened to me in the past and how so any people have walked out of my
I'm not sure how to wear self confidence
On which hour on thy social media, thee wilt findeth a miniature of oneself, But what lie beneath the mask, the true visage? If thy mask be uncovered, what wilt thou findeth in thyself?
Break the lense
I am red. From the sun beating down on my white skin. I am pink. After being embarrased by my peers.
             I am from orange dirt roads, abandoned railroads tracks, and hills made just for walking.
You are Perfect being you    Be crazy, be happy, be full of imagination   Dont hide behind filters, show the real you    Embrace those moles, those scars, let your flaws run free  
Who are you? They asked me as if they didn't already know
My name is Marilyn, yes like Monroe I have my own standards that I strive to meet I decided a long time ago I was never going to retreat   I am flawless because I am not normal
  You were a seed, full and prosperous
When did "what filter should I use?" become a real question? Is natural lighting not enough?  The real beauty is in your eyes, Not in the tint of the screen.  
I am bruised. Let me shed my tears. My life has been fused. I wan to give. No im just confused. I want you to see my fears. Im scared to live. That I lived with all these years.
A world where everyone wants to speak and not hear   Is a world where a smile can fade into a tear   Born into stress and a father that felt hate   
A world where everyone wants to speak and not hear   Is a world where a smile can fade into a tear   Born into stress and a father that felt hate   
Hiding. Who she is, and what she likes. Pretending. So she won't get judged or even laughed at.  Molded. So she can "fit in" with the "cool kids" And Unhappy, With what she has now become.
Fear Fear, is what I am made of
I am him, I am me, no one can take my place. The one who tries to fill my shoes could never win my race. Take a look, can't you see that what you say can't hurt?
I am not just your Facebook Friend, Not a profile picture, Not another one of your precious likes, Not a tag in a post, Or a name in your chat box, I am a living, breathing person,
Underneath the mask I wear, shrouded by the darkness.
When i say this just know its true, you are beautiful because god made you. You might think your this or your that but just know that your eveything someone looks for , even if you think your fat.
He wants to love but can not love He walks the streets like the boy society thinks he is Pain is deep it can not come out, Pain is deep it must stay in He must not hurt a soul again
Girls and boys do not fool yourself A mirror does not define who you are When you wake up in the morning Do not look in the mirror If inside you feel good then you look Good
She flies in the inner city. Surrounded by different flocks, which one is best to join? Colorful birds flying in the sky Why can't she be more like them? Wings, large and wide,
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
The room is too warm My palms are sweatty He paces, glancing at the pages. Time is running out I read fast but nothing sticks in my mind. I can't remember the answeres. He glances my way and i flinch.
Judgemental, brutal, fierce. Words into your feelings pierce. Laughter, anger, hurt. People make you believe your dirt.   You overcome, try hard to fit in. Being yourself isn't a sin.
As lifes cards unfold And the world is yours to hold Remember, above all stay Gold.   When all around is black and the weight of the world is on your back when your life begins to form that mold
its in my lonely  that I realize how I am frail and boney how harsh I am to me,how my heart is stony it is in my lonely that I confront my phony masks get dropped and the acting gets chopped
I see youWith the razorAnd youWith the lighterI notice your scratchesAnd I hear your silent criesWhile you grip that rope
I often ask myself, a morbid question I do admit: When my life is done, when my memorial candle is lit, what will be my eulogy, How will they remember me?   I often fear that
I am the hidden girl.   Hidden behind my curtain of shame. The girl that people don't notice, The person who follows the crowd, The one who is too shy to be heard, The human afraid of making mistakes.
Inspiration What is inspiration but a fanny pack full of hammy down quotes from people no different than you or I.  Or is it indifference that allows one to be different.  "Haters gnna hate!" 
Who am I and who do I want to be? Maybe a teacher, lawyer, or simply just me. I want to be a person who chooses to do right. No matter who laughs and mocks me all night. The world is mean and cruel.
What does it mean to be unique? They tell me it's just being yourself. How do I fight oblivion? Shouldn't I know these things. I have to amount to something. I need to be different,
Emotion. The one true feeling that seperates us from them.
They are the people, they are the crew, They are the ones who might scare you, They don't play no same games, That's why no one knows their names,
When you walk upon this Earth...every seed, grain of dirt, leaf, flower, weed, patch of grass, dot of sand, piece of ice, snow, rock, mud; all that you step upon is now part of your trace.
I kick of my sandals and let my pudgy feet saquish in the mud. I let the dirt seep in under my toenails, fully aware mother will have a fit.
I am who I am, I cant change,
Life is a fight, But many of us hide behind conformity.
Right now while you’re staring at this screen there’s a girl out there A boy out there And they are looking in the mirror and screaming so loud you can’t hear them
The first time I heard it I was in 8th grade The next in 9th The next in 10th And now every time I hear it I close my eyes and I scream because should love be such a game?
  Friendship you’re a vessel that can sail calm and remain intact. Friendship you showed me how to be mutual, caring and respectful for one another.
Who am I? What am I?
I look at him through a dark tunnel, The only light comes from the exits made of glass. Watch as he starts to stumble I'm hidden in the tall grass   Through that dark tunnel,
If I could be who I want, I’ll want to be me From my DNA features to skin complexity Good as you’ll ever be, simile Style to my eloquence, poetry veteran
When I look at their faces, Drenched in perfection, When I flip the pages, I look into their eyes, like they're masked in disguise, they look so ideal, This cannot be real,
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
You? How true Are you? Are you lost? In a faraway place Where you conceal Your true face Oh what color? Do you see Yes When you see me Do you see blue?
Who do i like you as ask? Like who do i like like? I like no one I like everyone I dont pick and choose I just feel So who do i like you ask? I like you I like everything about you
Do we even know anyone anymore Even those closest to us Or are we just seeing the masks they wear We know we hold secrets ourselves So why would we believe that somebody else doesn't
One, two, three.
People running and people walking People passing and people looking People laughing and people cying But they are all the same. All the same individuals. Held together, tied together
My father told me he was proud of me once,
Jealousy is a disease, Eating away all uniqueness; Distorting the beautiful image starring back.  
I am a quiet girl who likes to dream. I wonder if people will become nicer and more caring in the world. I hear silence pounding in the middle of the night. I see a happy world that’s always sunny and happy.
  Every once in a while, someone will bring you down,
And honestly theres so many scholarships and not enough time My vision gets blurry; I cant see between the line
They say... That friendship lasts forever,
Bite me like a snake I will stand still, I will not shake claw me like a bear
Everyone tries to be perfect, but in reality their unperfect. Trying to fight each other over popularity but either way we all got similaraties. We are all rocks. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. 
Her eyes see better than my own. She is admired by all. She has clarity, vision, and artistry.  She produces works of art so clear, viewers are transported to a land of freedom and possibility.
Do you know what it's like? Or have the waves of age wiped your memory... Probably. Age is like that. Focus on the present,  forget about the past.  Lose yourself in the anonymity of adulthood
Can we really show our true colors?  Without being dissatisfied. Without being judge. Without making an image to satisfy others. Voices have tried to herd. But eventually their confidence is lost.
Oh, how I wish, how I wish I could be a butterfly Soar way up high and fly so high Clouds so cool, touching my face so cool, so cool. Take me away to a place Where butterflies Flutter by
Regret, loneliness, anger, sadness and fear; These are the emotions that consume me. My high hope is what gets me through the year, Hoping to one day wade in the calm sea. Staying positive is my greatest plight;
The world is as ugly as it is beautiful, as evil as it is good, as cruel as it is kind, as cold as it is warm, as dark as it is bright— but you will always have a choice on which side to take.
Society has this picture, a picture thats perfect. Some are blessed with it, even though they dont deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how did I miss the drawing, its probably because im too busy in the background ooo-ing & aww-ing.
You think about it constantly 24/7 just hoping you make the right choice, You slowly try to pick but when you do there's a voice, One that tells you that you strive to do something else,
Unforgettably forgettable  You never paid attention to her, not even if it was critical  The society would see her, but she would still feel invisible You'd hear her name, and intimation owls go, "who?" 
"Look at the obvious, only feel for the "natural", God told me. "Don't smell the pink flowers, only the blue", the media said. "Pull yourself to the inside and push from the out", school taught me.
Society will make you believe That you must be something to succeed Be smart Do art Catch a shark Get high marks   Society puts pressure on you To create perfection too
A smiley face at the end of every text, I'm wondering what you'll say next. Do you like me? Do you realize that I like you?
Life aint nothing but a little passing thing I move, learn, and talk yet Nothing seems to change Stuck in a cycle of never ending motions Words and actions are nothing but a poisonous potion
stages of life, i'm 18 so many things are new to me i'm trying to find myself, i'm playing hide and seek with two of me S.W.A.G.G., a word that is misused, abused, and misconstrued every single day
I tell them what I am, Try to be who I am It's not enough I'm nothing to them I am who I am. Nothing will change that. They say I'm a trashy whore, That I'm a disrespectful brat.
Go where you must The people don't choose, You are in charge of what you do with you. It may seem hard, a little rough, But all things considered don't ever bluff. Don't lie or cheat,
You open your mouth But you don’t say a word Man, you gotta think what you say and what is heard People around you got you pulled up in strings You can’t even show the slightest hurt no more
Angry tears Arched across my zygoma Flowing with rage...It’s colorful I can't think... my mind eclipse by sublte animosity Through holes I've imprinted with malice
(poems go here) One way or another you find it ok to act as two Although the saying says to "be you" But you find that difficult Surrounding yourselves with people who are just like you, but don't love you
Peace Peace and love Peace and happiness Peace and freedom Peace and blessings Peace in the family Peace and positivity Peace and hopefulness Peace and joy
I am black, white, yellow, and brown. I am tall, skinny, short, and round. I am a follower of one god and many, I am an atheist from the 21st century.
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