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This is based on a friendship About  me and my other half Come and go You come I go I come you go Forever and ever Our friendship is 
Dearest friends of mine, How lucky I am to have the three of you for making me laugh when i cry,  the comfort when im mad, giving the hugs when im sad, my friends, you're the source of my happiness until I die.
I have this friend Victoria and she's really cool. I feel asl though people see her as this bad a** b**** who either loves you, hates you or you're in her way I have this friend Victoria and she's so talented
I am the trapped girl. I'm the one she wants to be, but doesn't think she can. I'm the girl of her dreams.  I pound on the fleshy walls, manifesting as a headache, But all she does is take a pill and ignore me.
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