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Because I love you, I am always changing  Because I love you I’ve gone through some healing  I no longer hear the demons that hide in the crevices in my brain I no longer shake when I’m left alone
I don’t love you because your brown skin seems to wrap its way around my mind So beautiful, so smooth, yet creating ripples of desire throughout me One of a kind That framework that I dream to divine
Floating in space where time seems to have froze Landing in soothing branches which none can oppose. This little light could shine for at least a mile,
Because I love you   My father left when I was six years of age, Therefore, I didn't have a male role model to expose me to what is a manly figure.
Love is the gentle flutter when you see them. Love is the tug on the heartstrings when you hear them. Love is the light tint of red, lightly brushing against your cheeks when you speak to them.
Let me tell you about love, but first Pause Love is not restricted to Adam and Eve nor Cain and Abel Which reminds me love is able
A lot of time passed before you could trust me Isolation was how I dealt with problems, nothing new But I laid out my thoughts on a table for you to see That I was comfortable to share everything with you  
Perfect Is what everyone strives to be Perfect Is not always easy to achieve It’s you, It’s me We’re against the world you see   You’re not always happy and neither am I
because i love you i only smile as i watch you tilt back the milk carton white drops running down your chin the lips softly parted. i only smile even though
So many secret journeys, Yet it all ended too soon. You went off to college, and I'm left to fend off our family By myself.   How can I deal with  This lonely high school life?  
Ayrton the one with no middle name who wanted me to teach him how to draw. Because you loved me, my trembling hands gripped the firm iron bars of individuality for the first time.
The first day we met I asked for your number. You gave it hesitantly, and our fate was decided. From texts to dates to family vacations, you became part of my everyday. After a while you began to create distance,
Late at night I think of you Wishing we are only breaths apart I put my trust in you Listen to your problems while you listen to mine I treasure the honesty you have with me
Why is it that when I’m with you I have no air? Oxygen leaving my body, hitting the pavement Cold Where was the man I used to love? Your eyes fiery with desire.
I was not made for love. I was not made for these 2 am sleepless nights. I was not made for the empty bottles of vodka shattered against my wall.
Love, the most puzzling emotion of them all, Never ceases to find ways to appall. As transient as time; Yet as strong as stone, The many manifestations of love will remain yet unknown.  
You were my first kiss  I thought you were the one  The one to be my first and last  But as time goes on I think I was wrong  You convince me to stay with you  Give myself to you 
Butterfly kisses up and down your neck Sweet nothings whispered at 3 A.M. Arms wrapped around each others waist loving each others  warm embrace. I keep you so close because I love you
December 18- we confessed  You told me through text: "I like you" We began to talk and I dangerously fell January 4- we made it exclusive  Imaginary fireworks went off in my mind  22 months later- we're still together Only one big key difference,
As I walk into the room, I see her sitting in a corner.   With tears in her eyes, she tells me that I truly love her. She never knew what love was before she met me.
When I fall down you don't fall down with me but you always help me up When I'm having a bad day you don't cry next me but you always stay close, and hug me tight When I'm up late you don't stay up with me
The time that night turned to day; I missed your touch, your voice, your lavender scent of love. The one thing I did not miss was your warm, soft light of affection because it shines bright within my heart, always.
Because of YouBy: Serena Scott You know, I have a lot to thank you for, As well as a lot to hate you for.  Because of you,  I now know what it really means to say, "I love you." Because before, With you, I didn't.
Love What does it mean to love? For love is a powerful word For love changed this cold-hearted man To be warm as the sun baked sand   What does it mean to love? Loving her, my best decision
Because I love you I must see you,I must show you the version of yourself that you can't seeI must regard the insecurities that burden your body And I must pray that I'm the eyes you see yourself through Because I love you   Beca
This love is black This love is white This love is timeless And I am reminded every night   When we are together  Our love has no color Although out in the world people can see no further
I see my friends crying on the weekends, on holidays, on their birthdays As they worry their away-at-college boyfriends will cheat on them
"What does love mean to you?" Her voice lingered ghastly in the night sky, Sitting with our thighs pressed against one another, The unknowing thought of our breaths mixing together,
‘I love you’ I’ve heard that phrase a million bajillion times I never understood why people like hearing it.   My best friend Roxy says it to her parents
I once heard someone say that relationships are a lot like Emotional rollercoasters. Sure looks fun, but those hills are treacherous, aren't they? Adrenaline. Anxiety.   Butterflies in your stomach awake
Because I love you I learned that loving someone so much can bring happiness. Because I Love you Everything seems to be okay when I'm with you. Because I Love you You're everything I ever wanted.
You know what? I'm pretty sure the two of us have never had a serious argument.   Cause you see, When I think back to what we used to fight over, I don't remember anything at all.  
Love   a word too commonly misused maybe something I can only do as if the people in this world don't understand all of the meaning packed
About her, an air of mystery I feel I must pursue; Besides my own sake, It is my duty To convince her That my every word Is true
Because I love you, You quickly become an everlasting priority, however, that doesn't mean you automatically have all authority. You see, giving all of me to you,
From my mother, bravery,Brightness through darkness strugglesAll thinking about optimistic choicesBrilliance through all the wayThat will never give up.
You ask me for the definition of love One complex word tangled in laugh and tear Four letters beckoned by the angels above To dance in the white sky with heaveanly cheer  
Because I loved you I spent three years agonizing over your abuse, split between the twisted image of what this relationship was and what it should have been. Because I loved you I hid behind rose colored glasses, 
Unrestricted and flowing Like a warm breeze in spring   You stepped into my heart On a warm sunny day   You made me food When the lions in my stomach roar   You gave me hugs
Hey, who’s that nice fella’ in the mirror?   You mind if I talk to you right now? You look pretty down; is there something on your mind? Oh come on, don’t say that about yourself
The best and truest friends Get all the hard jobs   Like the buddy that takes your keys Because driving home in your condition Is more likely to put you in perdition Or the hospital
Because he loves me, i can walk away from my mother and her questioning eyes. Because he loves me, i can give a tight-lipped smile to those who wonder why. Because he loves me,
Love is not to use your words to cut through their skin like scissors through paper Love is to not to build them up and tear them down like a sky scarper Love is not to lead them to their downfall
"You need to plan out your goals"  Was what I told you  As soon as you held my hand.  Of course I saw your expression falter  And your grip on my hand weakened You looked at me with pleading eyes 
You have always been there for me, Time and time again, You watched me grow ot the person I am today, I was never led astray You will always be my motivation, A vision of inspiration
You have always been there for me, Time and time again, You watched me grow ot the person I am today, I was never led astray You will always be my motivation, A vision of inspiration
She holds him in her arms, feeling the soft heartbeat. Her small newborn son She holds him close and cries.   She smiles as he's growing, Her brave tall soldier boy Soon he will be gone
Because he loves me, his feelings are tangent to my own. He loves me as he cares for himself; I love him as I respect myself, for our Father in Heaven teaches when we love others we love ourselves.  
I have witnessed distrust between those who loved, felt the anger dragged behind them. There are no words of our future but now is now. Know that I love you. Because I love you,
Because I love you, I will help you be great, I promise to build you with love and not with hate. I will hold your hand through all the pain,
Fist meets flesh, the sound of whips I'm doing this because I love you That you may, but one hit missed You struck me in my face  No apology I fell to my knee's and cried Because I love you
Because I love you   I love you for who you are I love you because you are my morning star Why you say I hate you?
Because I love you…   I will fight for you until the end, Recording the memories we will spend. I will be by your side,
It is like swallowing a rock. swallowing a facade of life wrapped up like a neat present.  ****
Because I love you I will tell you my dreams In hopes, you’ll tell me yours It will take sometime
Because I love myself,            I no longer wait for life to begin Understand that everything won't go my way  And put my faith in my own hands      You understand when I need space, time to myself 
Tremble, tremble, your voice shakes — not with fear but with anger Tremble, tremble, my body shakes — not with anger but with fear Your eyes open and you see me
for you. for you I would always protect and for you I would never neglect for you I would swim the Baltic Sea and plant a thousand shady trees
As our garden the grow Celandine brush us as we look to beyond We always display to each other the sweetpeas Never once have red dahlia grow here The white heathers is what I wish to dress you in
Because I love you I will help you when you're down Because I love you I will do my best to never make you frown Because I love you
Love is a raw word. A word that is exposed and a word that is rough, Open and whole in a way that other words just can’t quite touch. There are many ways the word can be filled out, marred, and stuffed.
You are my sunshine.  The light that entices me to rise,  The warmth on my face,  The glow in my heart.    I am your moonlight.  The calm that lulls you to sleep, The guardian of your dreams, 
Because I love you... Words are kind but actions are sweeterBecause I love you… You’re irresistible and I never want to leave you
Why did you invade my pricay, Whisking past my soft brown skin, Touching me with such gentleness, Yet Unnanouced. Why did you strike me, With warmth, Like Fire, Trying with all your power,
It's truly unbelieveable That you have love for me I am not what you think I am I am  not who you want me to be But you still have love for me I am not strong I am not beautiful
Love. It is a word that is easily tossed around in society. As if its value is worth a penny Love has the power to bring bliss or turn into your worst nightmare
I have found you My soulmate, my twin flame Without you, my light, my hope will be gone And I’ll be left into the darkest corridors of life
Going out with someone makes you feel special at first. Everything seems fun. "Tell me what your friends think about me," he says.  
  I want to give you everthing and all Just because  No . words . just you  The way you make me feel  Like Im on air 
I am learning to say no, I am fighting to set boundaries and uphold them, I am dry-swallowing coping skills and choking on broken bad habits. Because I love you
Because I love you, I will ensure that you are strong Because I love you, this world will not tear you down Because I love you, I will be there to pick you up when you have fallen  
Two hands lift me up, a smile blinds me nonsensical whispers and laughter this is a hearth, my fire   Dancing fingers, dancing eyes the clutch of protection
You’re far away too far away, and still you’re my best friend. And thoughts of you don’t go away, but I don’t want them to end. And as times progress, with every breath
I look at you and sense LOYALTY I look at you and I want GOALS I look at you and I know FRIENDSHIP We look at each other and see HUMOR
Because I love you  I give you respect before its overdue Because I love you my soul feels brand new  Because I love you  I won't ignore  the pain you endure  Because I love you 
To you, I gave the world, Yet to I, you saw no such need. Under the worst of circumstances, we met, I, being a mess bent on self-destruction, and you, a loner. To you, I gave you my world,
To you, I gave the world, Yet to I, you saw no such need. Under the worst of circumstances, we met, I, being a mess bent on self-destruction, and you, a loner. To you, I gave you my world,
Growing up, she played with rag dolls alone in her room, with no one to talk to.   As she grew up she was confused and scared. Her mother told her love was a commitment, but she saw it as a submission.
Because I love you My insecurities do not compare to yours  I try to validate my thoughts and learn not to speak my mind You have control over my life Because I love you
You are so special to meYou have always been in my mindCan’t seem to get it outGot to say, you’re one of a kind You’re so stunningly beautifulYou make me want to drop deadSuch an amazing smile you haveI can’t get it out of my head You’re so specia
Men will always want to be the one in control. Yet they do not comprehend the difference of being in control, and being cotrolled. Coming from the perspective of a female These men make us feel as if we are in jail.
dearest little one, the first time I laughed after being sad for so long, I jumped. I had forgotten what that sounded like, where
All I am is afraid. But in your grateful silence I read a note of understanding as if somehow you know my coward's heart is yet capable of great things. And in the deepening twilight
Because I love you, You should love me Or at least that’s how I thought it would be I love you deeply without thought or worry Not even you can sway me However hard you push I do not budge
I want those late nights at sonic where a milkshake and conspiracy theories is all we need I want to sit on my front porch at three in the morning, trying not to laugh too loud because my mom is sleeping 
because i love you, i see ultraviolet whenever i close my eyes. i see my shadow, my reflection in the mirror, and i am no longer afraid.   because i love you, i look at the world and i feel safe,
Because I love you, I will kiss you goodbye Every time you leave for work Go to the store
Because I love you, I let you into my heart I let you feel every beat, pluck the strings like a harp   I told you my secrets Every thought, desire, pain, dream, all that I have has become yours.  
Sometimes Love isn't what we think it might be.   Sometimes Love isn't found where we Think it is.   Sometimes Love  is found within rather than   without.
It's the little things,  Like the way you make me blossom, As if it were spring time. The way you look at me from afar,  Like I'm the only thing in the room. The way words just roll off your tongue,
Because I Love You… I find your annoying fake accents cute. I respect your privacy, even though at times I want to be like those crazy obsessed girlfriends and hack your phone.
If possible  I want to survive on your exhales breathe in your anxieties your adrenaline and sobs.  I want to be your morning coffee making each sunrise a little easier
A healthy relationship? Is one of trust You cannot let your past define your present You cannot assume that because you were hurt once before, that it will happen again To trust is to be open with someone
The way I hold you tight The way I kiss your lips They way I make you happy Is because I love you The way you grab my hand The way you tell your friends The way you share to the world
Because she loves him, she puts on a game. Usually its Mario Kart. The two know that she sucks at it, she is absolutely horrific.  But to poke his already fragile bubble with questions: "What happened?" "Are you okay?" 
Because I love you, is it my job to drive you home after a night at the bar? Because I love you, is it my responsibility to put a roof over your head every time you come back?
From once my heart began to wake, I saw blindly; from the beauty of her body, to the facets of her face. My own pitiful woes began to fade, yet something else was amiss, amide the shades.
A healthy relationship.. These three words should not seem foreign And as young girl who has heard her share of what love is the possibility has my heart soaring.
It’s a long way down from where we begin. Knocking on heaven’s door. The words you said yesterday came at me full force. “Maybe if we both admit our faults, we can move on.” I am a laugh away from crying.I seek for love inside of us and come out e
People being together is an odd thing, stranger in a digitized environment/in-between Facebook messages, Twitter retweets   and Instagram hearts/ and sometimes an email or two, but never  
Love's perception of life and death means nothing,  Our concious - what we call thought is the firing of neurolgical impulses; Nihilism is the perception of all being and all knowing, 
The idea that our time is equally valuable The thought that my feelings are not malleable Me before you tell any lies Us when you're making a choice Life when you lose yourself Love when you need my help
Because I love you,  the tides of chaos which awash the world cruise over your beautifying figure, finding every hidden invasive drop with rigor, hoping I can stop the waves that trigger. Because I love you,
In a room full of people, your eyes are what meets mine, A flutter in my heart, A fleeting glance between us two, We walk on over and meet in between,
I wanted to do everything with her, for her, My best/worst friend, Jess. I thought she would do them for me too.   “Let’s go to the movies (so my mom won’t know I’m going out with Danny).”
You wanted to take my on adventures  Why? "Because I love you"  You wanted to make my life exciting  Why? "Because I love you" You said I needed to relax and I could trust you Why?
Because I love you I will understand that change is the only permanence this life grants and I will not fear for what the future holds for us  I will understand that empathy is the greatest gift that I could give to you
  I notice him. I see her. I greet him. I say “Hi” to her. He smiles at me. She beams happily. I cook for him. I clean for her.
In the morning bliss, I feel the unescapable touch of the morning sun. As I lay in bed I am struck by the fact that I am alone. No not physically, but emotionally. You are here with me but
because i love you we play in the rain because i love you we play fetch the game because i love you we cuddle all night Lilly dog you are my light
Oh, how did I find a man like you You bring out the best in me, Filling my heart with glee Never doubting my ability To accomplish what can’t be accomplished, Never leaving my side just like you promised.
Like every story,ours had a start   But   it never seemed to have an end   Our beginning was nothing but amazing
Because I love you I see only you  I crave your affection and no other attention  Because I love you  Theres no me without you I live life through you
A heart so sincere and a Love without fear all those with ears ought to hear   Love can wait  it is the only thing that can create   Love is kind it is never unrefined   
Because I love you, I drive myself insane. The world, once black and white, suddenly grey. They wonder why suddenly my inhabitions have been changed, new but see, the world is different, because I love you  
When I fall in love I want it to be free, I don't want it to cost me a thing.  I hope when I fall in love it feels like a summer breeze, I pray that I fall in love with a love
Because I love you, I will hide my pain. I will act as if I am completely sane Because I love you, I'll give you a kiss and a hug, But the hole in my chest will open with just one little tug.
See, the funny thing about having minor asthma Is that you're not quite at risk for dangerous asthma attacks But there are still those moments that take your breath away And leave you struggling to regain what you lost
  In the halls id see you and those beautiful blue eyes. Who knew my love for you would rise, little did I know you were the definition of controlling and depression in disguise.
I hold your hand, When you need me, And when you don't, Because I love you.   I kiss your lips, When you smile, And when you frown, Because I love you.   I hug you tight,
Because I love you I see the sparkle In Your Eyes When You Talk About Things You Love Because I love you I  accept you
Because of you,I plan to staythrough every joythrough every crythrough every turn.Because of you,I know the words,"I'm here for you."  
Relationships Such a touchy word; Made are many misconceptions Anytime it is heard Most associate it With love between two sexes With lust between two sexes So I will explain it:
Because I love you.... I won't betray, and I won't delay to say everything that a woman should say.   Because I love you, I will let you know,  the person you are and the person I know
Love you because I.  You love I because.   I love you because.
Love is not: Shredding vocal cords To make a half-baked Argument you concocted From shifty assumptions.   Or wilted roses that Smell like your mother’s Credit card and the back seat
Tonight, my son, I always wished to see, A woman with you, dressed a wife to-be. My breaths decided could be so, yet, Peace I have, not’ve meeting her my regret.
Because I love you, I'll text you first at the end of a bad day when I need your comfort and your love   Because I love you, I hope you'll do the same   Because I love you,
Because I love you, I'll gently push you to become the best you I know you can be/ Because I love you, I'll inspire you to search for that Agape love you need by loving you unconditionally/
“Mine body lovest thee,” thou screamest. Ringing in mine head: “ ‘Tis doubt,” methinks.   Reflect! Reflect! Look at thyself;
She stands in the hall Eyes low and self-conscious Hidden As if afraid to stare at the sun.   The other sits on the grass Eyes bright and aware Radiant
Love, I been on boths sides.   Love, I been both chained and free.   Love, It’s unconditional.
Because I love you, I'll see it through  It will always be true  Because I love you, I wanna make you laugh and then I know it'll last  Because I love you, I don't want to fight
It’s when I’m drinking coffee, I love coffee by the way, And I’m laughing just cause, You said something funny yesterday.   It’s when I wait to watch a show,
What Is Love?
Once upon a time the choice words of "Because I love you" sent me soaring into this giddy state of euphoric acceptance that lead to trust whomever said the words blindly like a newly born babe.
I am flaws. I am a badly written love poem. I am an inability to finish what I start. I am not-so-clandestine worries that I'm neglecting you, or that I'm holding onto you too tightly,
I had never known love until I’d felt yours. Maybe it's because you can sense my slightest shiver in the brisk, autumn air. Maybe it's because you subconsciously smile when you listen to me talk.
Are you hungry? 
Because I love you, I used to wait up until I knew you were safe Because I love you, I would give you time to breathe Free souls require the wind in their hair, and I made sure to not block you from your destiny
Be you sick or sad or just mad at me Every time, I’ll stay and you’ll ask at me “Could you tell me why you don’t go away?” And I give the same answer every day
Because I love you I wrote your name on the walls of my heart, opened the door, and welcomed you in. I didnt wear my heart on my sleeve, I gave it to you willingly. 
When you loved me, We ruled the world. A king and his queen, Our love was unfurled.   But I was no queen; I was your slave. I was too friendly, Not what you would crave.  
A healthy relationship. What is "healthy"? Saying I love you when you get off the phone? A good night and good morning text? A like on instagram? A tagged picture?
Because I love you I can distinguish the smell of your fart from somebody else’s in a room full of people. I will happily endure yet another miasmic episode like the one at the Christmas party
To love and care: is to be there when the times are rough, is to stare the bullies square in the eye and say "enough", is to be aware of the hurt and the pain... and all that sadder stuff,
“What is it like to be in love?”   “Well, when you’re in love, you think about that person all the time; they are your
I once loved before. I Remeber what it felt like It felt like the world was great for a moment The times we kissed under the stars; Laughed at the movies and shows we watched
  I know when you miss me so; Your dimples show when you smile As you hug me—hold me close.   I know the secrets of your skin; Every gasp and shudder, and wince From the scars kept deep within.
Love is trust. Love is tingles from your head to toes. Love is distracting. Love is infuriating. Love is Love.
My head on your shoulder Your fingers in my hand Naked hearts Broken parts For one another to see   My tears on your cheeks Your sorrows on my shoulders Standing together
i never knew love it was a language foreign to me everyone around me who spoke it was in distraught and hurt from it love wasn’t a language i wanted
Perhaps this is not truly how love is. Perhaps, in some distant universe, Love is a more gentle thing. There, I would not have to promise you everything.
It's the way your hair falls in your face Because you refuse to get it cut And the glimmer in your eyes Every morning when we wake up It's the little things that make you perfect
a time when things were bleak, when they sky was grayer, and the sun more dim. a time when you were drowning and a time where i was lost  
Because I love you, we looked at the moon together. Because I love you, There is one bammy left for you Because I love you, The earth shifted Because I love you, The sugar in my tea is just right.
I love you because you are my world. I love you because your smile makes me laugh. I love you even when you cry I love you when you're angry I love you because you are you.
Lovers fall, lose it all             Silver tear waterfall. Glassy eyes, breaking cries             Disheartening goodbyes. Red skin, wary grin            Fatal flaw, mortal sin.
Because I love you I will let you go I know you only treat me this way because you need time to grow
To my best friend who likes to call others perfect, but cannot see her own worth.   To my bestfriend who is always willing to listen, but then turns almost everything back to her.  
I have never written a poem. But for you, I would write a symphony, because you make my heart sing. But for you, I would write a mystery, because you confuse me, yet I always figure you out.
Love. What does it mean? An affection, feeling, action, words? It can be more, it can be less. Love can be simple; it can be complicated. But it doesn't have to be what you get.
I am embraced By his warm caress He holds me in his arms And kisses my head He gives me respect I give him love We are in eternal bliss For we have found each other And we know
  How lost has “us” become. Slowly, the water of our youth melts between the stones, Causing our early whispers to disperse with tempered fits,
My parents are the true example of what a healthy relationship should be. In my eyes. They do not define the 'perfect relationship,' What truly makes them a healthy couple
Although it may seem normal He is not the man you knew He has changed since the beginnning  He beat you black and blue   Not only physically, but mentally too You both have grown apart
"Love" is a word full of more than compassion, More than okay's, And an empty mansion. It is more than the vow that we take, Or the promises we break.    It is the words that we say,
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