' 'because.i.love.you' 'love' 'i love you' trust

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I always knew that love would come find me someday,but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way.You caught me off guard and took me by surprise,
he said "me" I said "I" then he kissed my neck and whisperd "Us" In  that moment words were sacred beings my holy grail. Stronger than any god I felt my kness give in
you make me feel  like  life is worth living again.  from the moment i met you, i knew  i wouldn’t be the same. 
All Of Me   I go to check if my heart is still there It’s not, you stole it And all I can feel is blood filling up the empty space  
I Don’t Believe You   I’m Sorry (I don’t believe you)   Seriously I Am (I don’t believe you)  
My heart is now in so much pain.My tears are falling like pouring rain. I can no longer sleep a full night.I can no longer fight We broke each other's hearts.We were torn apart.
My poems are about falling for someone who I shouldn't  My poems are about being too scared to say anything My poems are about falling harder and harder My poems are about a crush My poems are about You
I'm knock'n at your door nothing so I knock some more it's okay I'm not going away trust me, when I say.. I'm here to stay I'm sorry it may not mean much but I promise I won't judge
“Baby, show me you're a keeper It's been hard for me to keep up You've been tryna keep me in the dark But baby girl, I see you
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