Be yourself and love yourself no matter what

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She gazes upon newfound eyes lost from her wireframes, Pause for a moment and you can see her for a flicker Why now is she lovely? In this parallel world of film,
I hate myself Don’t try to convince me that There is something special Because if I look closer I see my faults Even though  I feel different It’s in my mind I can’t say  I see that I’m special Because There is nothing good about me It’s not true
I'm competing with myself, competition like two me's trying to do me. Although, I am beating the one kind of gets to screw me. Well enough of the, "ooh me - uh I" Feel me? Like the opposing guy,
I look in the mirror And see what I am not I am the girl wanting to fit in Constant trials of being blonder Hiding in the dark to cast myself paler Becoming thinner  Pursing my lips to look fuller
Be extraodinary! Be anti-ordinary. Be the you that no one knows you to be- in life you'll get further you'll see.
Tell me a secret. Something no one knows. Tell me a secret, And I’ll tell you mine too. We’ll pretend we don’t know how to use them against us.
When I met you, you were ordinaryBeginning to not see yourself in the mirrorOr recognize you as yourselfBut then the person looking backbecame far better than who you once wereBecause I love you
Happiness is the blood line for life life is body and soul once alligned then refined working all your life isn't a task but a mask, of how people precieve you may you recieve wellness, not hate
 Dear miss perfect,
I am here, where are you?  Do you remember the times of fear? Do you look back into our years?  When the torment brought me to tears? Can you still feel the pain you caused me, 
She is a quiet, smart  Sweet  little girl who loves to learn Teachers praise her up and down  Parents envy how well behaved she is  Their children, her classmates, though don't understand it yet
You were born to lose but built to win.Always constantly in the Face of adversity, But sill you find the will to prevail.That's awesome.While adversity shape shifts in different forms, scenarios, and pigments
Learning who I am? What I can do? When is the right time? Where will I be? Why I am here? And how will I become that shining star
When you say flawless, what do you mean? When you say the word flawless, what are you trying to underline What are you trying to emphasize, are you trying to customize Or are you trying to make me compromise
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