be strong/it get's better/just be yourself/you're worth it

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My dear future daughter, You got to be a bit stronger. Times will get tough. And life will get rough. People will talk,  People will judge. You got to make it out, You cannot pout. 
It’s like today I can’t be happy With people trying to find a way to hurt me Suffering from the pain, knowing I’m insecure With a face full of rain and no confidence for sure
Keep your head up, kiddo. There's so much to discover. Stop putting yourself down. There's a lot to uncover. Stop letting wealth define you. Your clothes or your grades. You're going to self- destruct.
BEING MYSELF Be yourself... That's what everyone says. But being myself... gave me this black eye. But being myself Gave me this bruised face. Gave me a childhood i wasn't ready to face.
Words? Can't you speak? "Duh" You're just weird, shut up "The slience began, theres no reason to stop what already happened
There she is, Looking in the mirror, Practicing her smile for school again.   She walks through the halls, Pretending that everything is fine, When she really feels,
She doesn’t believe in fairytales, because every single one has fallen apart.
never seen in a book or website Still exist none the less It is how we cringe ourselves for others And they can care nothing about us It is what makes us laugh at what we care about Hate what we believe in
I’m circling the drain Throughout the liquid that I came from When I face nothing but boredom I seek to make it rain Big, fat drops sinking in the ocean Don’t know why there’s so much commotion
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