Be Me

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This is who i am I am not an angel I am not a snake I am not the smartest I'm not beautiful I am not as i appear I am not how i really act The one under my skin is a little dark
behind my curtain is a child with fears   shown by the tremor and falling tears   behind my curtain is a world of pain   shown by a hospital bracelet  that bears my name
Rainbow hair  so many stares A look that dares Watch me rise  watch me fall  watch me do nothing at all  I am who I am,  and I hope so succeed  'cause the power is in me.  
My Perspective Of Life  Would Be A Great Way To Change The Attitude I Have Right 
She yells and nags She gossips and brags Our relationship went down the drain Everytime we fight it fries my brain I love her of course But from all the yelling my voice is hoarse
What would the world be If everyone, including you and me Did their part To help start The world's largest revolution In education, now that's a solution You take a child From the wild
I see people laughing and smiling everyday with so much cheer So easy for them to continue life without judgement and fear.  I am envious of their emotion they show for mine remain hidden so much no one will know. 
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