Autumn fall cold wind air

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The leaves are falling, dropping like melted ice.It must be autumn, there is a spectacular showOf red, yellow, and frosty foliage. Though it’s still niceWeather-wise, in a heartbeat, we’ll see snow.
Little lonely leaf knocking on the glass door with your whole feeble form  gaping at me begging for
The autumn rain, A heavenly home,Through teary eyes Falls soft and slow,A gentle rhythm, Clammy toes: The autumn preludeSong for snow.  
Colors fade Green drained into Red Red slowly fading to brown Brown falling to the cold ground Left bear Slowly life fade away No, not dying just slowing down Slowing to sleep
The weather is bad. It is very cold today. I feel horrible.
You are like the cool Autumn breeze, sending shivers down my spine, and reminding me how great it is to be alive. 
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Silver leaves don't fall They never have to die They never hurt like I did When colder weather came on by Did you ever feel the heartbreak The bitter sting of pain
I sat in the ashes today And even then I ascend down the stairs And when he and his bonnie came again I whisked him askew with the frisky wind.
The cold wind blows heavily The eerie cry scares me It's a familiar sound I would be trying to be sound asleep On a mid-December overcast night Until the chilly breeze came
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