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sometimes i am so easily decieved I believe what i wish to be true and when the fantasies of my infancy are ripped from my grasp I weep at the feet of misbeliefs past for the comfort of lies
(Disclaimer: This poem does not insinuate I engage in incest. Mention of sleeping with my brother refers to times in the past that I have been woken up by my younger siblings after they'd
Retroismic palaces rise from deserted sands but all I see around me is mental illness A basket of bread and flower, -Lexicon for heartening; Jazz brass and sunburn in the poppy fields
I'm an atheist, But that doesn't make me rude. Keep on trucking, theists, By all means, you do you. But I don't appreciate Being painted as the villain.  I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
Different but similar, in distinct scenes Interpretations of that which is “eternal” Some of the bounded in settings infernal, Variations seen      In the beginning, man created ideas
I walk paths that were paved long before my existence Voices and laughter that once echoed for miles are now replaced by the faint wind The movement of my feet cause the dust
I have a black friend  And I have a white friend 
Hear my prayer, On heavens high, I exalt you and swear That you are much greater than I.   Oh, Divine Lord
I don’t believe in it. That place beyond what we have seen. The place where I could have said I’ve been.   I don’t believe in it.
Someone should let a snake through eternal life. It would hiss at a god, right under his knife, whereas we (gratefully) would entreat to the steel - no complaint or restraint; 
The night sky spoke for itself. Emitting perpetual promise, Unlike the pretense of your idols.   Your lens dotted with the dust of pastors,  Fear of heaven, Mine clear with the spotless faith in
Head, shoulders, knees and toes knees and Head is filled with very foreign thoughts Shoulders lifted by the harsh anxiety I’ve somehow forgot
Sinking deeper into my own feelings of concealment, / It's so much easier to tell a lie that you believe.
 "I respect everyone, for God tells me so." Really? Then how come its impossible to be free from scorn when you claim to be an atheist? Atheists and agnostics practically require a coming out of sorts.
Innocent to the earth Blemished before the judge Blameless since birth Isolated to the grudge   Two value systems Perceive and Review Man's disease and symptoms Whether true or askew
God loves everyone, but even if look or smell Like we've sin we'll go to hell. That sucks Where do I begin: Shucks I am glad you see a future for me In such a vibrant environment But I sincerely beg thee
Their prayers call out shouting to a false god, a deity made of silicone and lies. Their lungs ache, their throats grow hoarse, but they will not-- cannot be silenced.
This forgotten world, we are a
My love is a chemical, a pulse, and a shock.   My heart is just meat beaten tender.   When I  throw up my hands they are only  bones in a row,
There's too much discrimination, too many uncaring hearts, Some people only laugh when others are torn apart. Whether its racism or sexuality, no one seems to care,
I hide behind a silver cross that hangs from my neck, My grandmother’s, Because here atheism is a shameful word. But it’s true, I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe things are “meant to be,”
  The only time I believed in you,
Pastel bows, Cream frills, and Crimson cheeks Identify me on the seventh day.
Everyday is a day to be alive! A day to rejoice in the beauty of the randomness of the universe! A day to look up to the night sky and bask in the glory of the stars The very stars that die so that we may live! 
This is not an attack On any ideals But as an atheist I say I can feel as I feel Don't lecture me with your god Because I don't believe If I'm burning in hell, you'll be first there you see
Ask for the truth, I'll give you a lie You'll never know that I want to cry. The words you said, they hurt like hell. You victimize yourself, but know that you're well. You've cut me deeply, much deeper than deep
The other me is someone only seen by few, Someone not as corageous or as sure of what to do. Inside I'm scared of letting others down, Scared of rejection or the real me to be found.
This is my life And it will be full of enjoyment So first things first You've lost employment   You said I needed you And would be there for me But I got over 2 decades
I’ve never been able to bow my head long enough to pray Too consumed by the urge to peek I’ve always been more concerned with what was going on around me –
"I am not religious", I tell them. I'm just not. I am not rejecting religion. Just after all these years of having christian religion shoved down my throat I'm just not interested, you know?
"You're an atheist?!" "You know you're going to hell right?" "I'll be praying for you." Yes. I'm an atheist. No that does not mean that I worship Satan, or I hate religion, or I hate God, or
I went running I have to stop, breathe and breathe When I tilt my chin for air, I see the sky I start to weep because I know nothing is beyond that sky Empty space waiting to do something, but it can't
So beautifully flowing, so sporadically chaotic, so miraculously conjoined, the fact of existance, so matter-of-fact, as we live to simply not be. Nothing may begin if there be no end,
It is drawing near, the end is in sight. I am overcome with wonder. What shall await on the beyond? Angels bearing singing, golden harps, blindingly beautiful light bathing my soul,
Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
tell me to go to hell tell me i'll burn there tell me i'm the devil's spawn i really dont fucking care   tell me you'll pray for me tell me you have hope tell me i'm not that bad
Carrotsticks. Carrotsticks to invisible pink unicorns. Carrotsticks to alien beings in your head. Carrotsticks to spirits. Carrotsticks to flying spaghetti monsters. Carrotsticks to Olympian Gods.
I was a turtle. I don't remember My life as a turtle. Nor do I remember My future life as a ruler. But I say I was Because my parents said so.   My life is in the hands
What kind of belief have you got up your sleeve? I believe there's nothing to believe So get out and never come back And go home to your stupid little shack Since if you believe nothing then you have no hope
Dead man walking Sentened by the boss Look who's talking Sorry for the loss Dead man walking   We'll get there somehow But where are we now?   Let's get rolling
I suddenly realized (at five years old) Death applies to me too   That children become grown-ups who become grandmas who were the ones who died   And I was a children.  
is my provenance really act of providence? and,if it’s all part of A Big Plan, whyhave i been found guilty of the sin of cainain the eyes of my ancestors?does refusing confirmation mean
Your faults don’t mean anything What matters is in your eyes What feels good now Is bad in the book of lies That memory can’t always be taken back.
I tend to get scared when I think about my life. What happens when it just ends? I've never really believed in a god or an after life. All of that just seems silly and make believe.
When the others shut their eyes, I kept mine open. I thought about what it would be like to be minuscule, to climb on the statues in church. I thought about what could happen to make me stop kneeling. I always knew I was
Who are you to say I'm evil? Who are you to say I have no morals? Who are you to say we're wrong? Who are you to preach your song? Who are you to kick us down? Who are you to call me clown? Joking?
I don't know if I will ever be able to describe you in the way I truly experience you. When I think of you, I lose the words. I can only feel them. I know you aren't meant for me.
When that I was a little tiny boy, Me daddy said to me, ’The time has come, me bonny bonny bairn To learn your ABC’.
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