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My passport was my ticket, As I climbed aboard the plane. Guitar across my shoulder, Adventure in my veins.   The world has been my hometown, In the year I just walked through,
(Villanelle)  Half my blood and spirit comes from that place A final result from seeds of heroes Cultivating pride like a rice terrace   Calamities killing us all as one
Part I   The very inspiration began on a seventh day Of the eight month of the year 2013 AD A class by a master on translations Triggering him to reveal a historic place Unknown much, a place so great
We make your shiny TVs and your shiny phones.  We make your pretty shoes and stitch your pretty clothes.  You pick and choose what pieces of our cultures you adopt And you sneer at what you don't understand
The Far East nation I am from My mama, my papa, my ancestral race   Im told I am good At math I am good Algebra describes me While basketball describes him I am more than what I am told
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