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The American Dream A run in fear The sprint to safety A jog for a dream A race with death
Undocumented aliens, Racists see them as the enemies They’re trying to make a living for themselves, Not to mention for their families. Getting deported by I.C.E So hard to comprehend
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I passed by a park abundant with children It smelled of sunscreen and youth My skin chilled at the breeze  carrying their budding dreams  I was once a child I recall feeling optimistic of my dreams,
What ever happened to our American dream?Did it fade in the past,
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. We cannot walk alone.
Pursuit to gratification rises all the time. Subconscious mind always over me,  Saying no-no go on until the thirst is quenched... My patience bursts unhappy when not met fulfillment,
Aye, it’s time for a recap Rapper Kristen in the house, Now let’s hit it!   Y’all take notes from my amigo Hayek. Say’s new law makes us more efficient
A country for the free, it was supposed to be To be unique and new, equality to all With innocence upheld, Lady Justice was blind New labor laws intact, kept the people alive
      My dream job is not anything out of the ordinary. I don't want fame, nor attention.  I just want to help people. The dream job that I achieve is being a doctor.
My name is Tecun Uman I am a legend An ancestor Carried as a sacred bundle A spirit A memory By my burned and burdened children   But my progeny starve They feed off my spirit
Pursuit   I search for happiness knowing it exists. Days pass without success. This doesn't cause me to lose hope. I continue to pursue happiness.    Finally my heart is filled.
Bombing InquiryThe Ghost of Gun ControlWeaken a President.No Humor in Terror.Democrats, Dragons or Drones?Lost Every DayBeyond FearBroken Justice in the Bronx 19 Wounded in New Orleans Shooting
I fight a battle, I fight a war To find a job that I adore. But it must pay well my mother shouts, But it must be growing my father pouts. How can I worry about such things When I can barely find the means
When I was younger, I never cared about what other people looked like, About the color of their skin. None of that ever mattered to me. My parents taught me to look deep down inside of a person;
I have a dream that one day race, socio-economic status, gender, religion, ability, or sexual orientation will no longer serve as obstacles to justic
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
This is a poem I wrote from the perspective of Nick Carraway in "The Great Gatsby".  It's purpose is to show the disorder produced by expanding desires or greed.
The sun, up high warm breeze. humid. take me away.   snap. flew out, new place cool foggy nights.   looked back, people anew. no one knew. i cried too.
What is the American Dream? Is a question many Americans have sought to know Is it having a white picket fence with a wife, a few kids
Adversity what does that word even mean Does anyone know? I think the last man to feel it
For Her:   Hey Mom I just want to let you know That I love you Can you just let me sit here And think   I want to produce All of your dreams Never let you worry,
Having to be in no particular place- Yes, you read that right. What a superb sensation! We must scurry to our destination.
  Our society is broken Rock & Roll is dead education is reserved for the rich, Love is dicated by law, and the American Dream lives overseas Our rebels  without a cause
I truly believe that to succeed means more than acquiring money, But being hungry to give back to society. To make it means more than the fake get up, More than the superficial snakes that call themselves friends to us.
A house is not a home: when a hands are placed in places that make you want to cover your face. I was five, I didn’t know. No one told me how far a dirty secret could go.
On a line, the sheets hung And were warmed by the sun As mother leaned back in her straw lawn chair For a breather.
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