american history

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Romantic blood and majestic past; Flatter the abused, give them scraps, Or they’ll ask for respect. Maintain a system Of perception. No, don’t call it oppression.   You are made of gold --
All the world is my stage, but I am not acting. Standing up for what's right and just.  Sharing my passions and knowledge, about so many things... astronomy, history, ecology, the world in which we live.
The building filled with people who all look alike Crowded and crammed cheering the loudest they could Watching it makes me question why I am here
Part 1 inequality   Mind is full Fridge is empty But ain’t that the way it supposed to be I have less so you can have more Ironic how
Alexander Hamilton,  so concerned about a legacy,  that he missed the present.  Passed up on the now,  and he flew straight to  the future. Missed out on the mundane,
  From the start we were a bold child, undaunted and wild; undefiled by the structured chains of a developed bureaucracy.  
In the last light of dusk A bright flame sprouts From the center of the flag That represents a united country   Old glory now represents a dying idea The one of unity
Making History Out Of What?   What will history make of us? I think as I read of my peers Bringing toy guns to school And decorating the halls in blood
It all started with a blur Who am I and what do I want? Nothing makes sense, that’s for sure
Golden age of mystery,  Creating great misery. Repeated history, Down to duplicity.   A golden gate of bronze, Cherish a golden swan, Into the middle of dawn, To chance on.   
Throw a punch before you leave Rise up on your heels, peel their hands from your throat And run Run until you have enough room to charge  
  What a distinct time in America Here’s a story I gotta tell ya   I finally received the right to vote
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