alphabet poem series

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Annoying Classes But Comical People Disgusting Lunch Everyday But Fun Times Grumpy Teachers and Harmful Homework
About half past noon, Before I Climbed through that Door of your's, Events beyond our control Forced their way through Gateways to other Homelands.   I sat, Just waiting,
Zillions of seconds have gone by since I started this series
Ultimately untimely little buggers Very annoying little bees. Where has the time gone  Xylophones are so noisey especially when mixed with a Yearning for Yummy Yogurt  
Quaint little sprites flitter and flutter about. Raindrops fall all around the Spirited spirites as they continue Their quest for the lost precious jewels.
Morning glories grow daily Nightshade grows by the moonlight Overall both are very Powerful healing or harming ingredients.
I can see everything crystal clear now. Just as i has imagined it.  Knowing the cruelty that  Lies within this world
Everything seems to change  Fall changes to spring Green leaves turn brown Has anyone figured out what is wrong with this world?
All together now right away don't dilley, don't dalley, don't hide away. Before the day is done we will have our fun. Cause we will run all night and  During the day we'll sleep away.
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