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Burning,My eyes are burning,A family recipe of allergies and tearsThey spill down my cheeksThey pool at my feetCryingI can’t stop itI am no longer in control hereThey go where they please
To the people who don’t understand why I won’t let them touch me,   I’ve built a wall between friends, family, and others. And fucking think again if you thought I had any lovers.
Sniffle Sneeze Blow Rub My face aches My nose is pressured Pollens dance through the air Ragweed blows through, too Sniffle Sneeze Blow Groan
I love dogs,Everyone knows it.I love dogs,I proudly show it.I love dogs,I will always boast.I love dogs,The absolute most.
I suffer from anaphylaxis allergies. I was born trying to die. I was allergic to clothes and food and hugs from careless aunts and the outside. But I was loved. I suffer from anaphylaxis allergies.
The bitter cold tickles my delicately frosted leaves, chilling me to the very core of my being.
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