All I Need

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All I need is success, this means I want to succeed. In whatever I do, I want to make sure I can make a difference. I would say all I need is poetry but I’m pretty sure you knew that already.
I could never survive Without another's eyes, Without a different view of the world Than my own. My gaze would turn inwards And rest only upon the flickering light Of my soul. A soul that is born
I’m not alone. All I have are your words, your vibrations, From this world     
All I need is the thought of her sweet smile. Looking up at me new to this world, Her sweet smile. All gum no teeth just yet a smile so brand new, Her sweet smile. So much innocence and life to live,
Would it be corny if i started with a Beatles quote? “All You Need Is Love” fills me with so much hope Because I’ve never been truly in love So this idea sounds like a gift from up above
I am young, impulsive, wide-eyed, and green, a sapling wondering which way to grow. Still needing some support, somewhere to lean, staked to stand tall when the strong winds do blow.
I swear to you there’s stars in his eyes, bright Blue like an ocean never ending, begging You to jump in, tempting
All I need is connection. A person, place, A thing To gain perspective from.   All I need is to observe. To be engaged, Connect, Reflect, And try to understand.  
When I was a newborn, it was Mommy. When I was six, it was to be "a big girl." When I was fifteen, it was freedom. Now -   I thought I knew who I was. I thought I knew what I wanted.  
Stuck on an island No place to go No way to leave Only capable of bringing a sole object It's not a material physical thing But rather a thought an emotion I refuse to be without An emotion that was once foreign Now I can't believe there was a tim
All i need is something simple Yes my family and friends make my smile gain dimples But I need something more Our world takes it for granite but it's something i long for It's deep to the core
All i need is something simple Yes my family and friends make my smile gain dimples But I need something more Our world takes it for granite but it's something i long for It's deep to the core
Reassurance. Keeping doubts at bay, Saving the last drops of hope, Melting the problems away.   Reassurance.
Writing is to me as oxygen is to fire, or sunlight to the welcoming branches of a tree. The ink that courses through my veins, thick and black,
It is The touch of her palms on A beating heart Toying with the Malleable tissue Of a passionate soul. It is
Nocturnal beauty flying through the night Indigo Gypsy hiding from the light. Close your eyes, make a wish  and send it up in a cloud. Lost you are, but soon to be found.   The stars can't be reached,
Things. Things. Things. So many things. Stuffed into the closet. Shoved under the bed. Scattered on the floor. More like caked onto the floor. Do I even have a floor?
You are all I need My Radiohead’s in the clouds The vacant thoughts succeed I was told looking up was really down  
My all, my life  I am healed by his stripes  He poured his love all around me  Led me to his kingdom people  Now I am free No longer a slave to this world, but a servant to him 
      If you ask Google “what are the most essential resources to sustain human life?” Google will tell you that food, water, oxygen and a moderate temperature are the basic necessities for human survival. 
If the yearning has passed and I am no longer aghast in the rooms of my heart, I’ll be going now.   If desire has ceased dripping from solicitous lips, the future is a yawning abyss,
I’m caught in an internal whirlwind, no escape in sight. Despair and doubt’s heavy blows bruise my skin, sharp knife stabs of panic and fear cut deep. Reality and my mind’s deceptions blur.
Victory is everything The sweet taste of triumph Cascading across your tongue Giving you bliss Fulfilment Acceptance
All I need is my dad I would be so glad to have my dad He'd always know what to do when ime mad He could protect me like my shoulder pads On The island all i need is my dad
All I need is my dad I would be so glad to have my dad He'd always know what to do when ime mad He could protect me like my shoulder pads On The island all i need is my dad
I have never been stranded on a deserted island, butI've seen others go. Many a friend has walked alongThat infamous way so broken and winding, off to distant shores.They walk, then run, then swim, to a land
Many years to come Yet I'll love you for everyone  God gave me an angel In you I find comfort  Realizing you the one  Love has just begun Failing you I wouldn't do
i have faith in someday a someday where it's you and me,kissing and laughing and promisingeternity
He smells like Old Spice and Degree And a hint of something I can’t quite describe He adjusts his glasses and shakes his head When I say something silly With a smirk on his face
I'm stuck on a island without another soul. What could possibly nurture my poor lonesome soul?   {I bring along something of sovereign possibility: That reveals a universe so large, it has every ability.}  
My imagination chauffeurs my sensation. Safely to where? I don’t care.   Afar from my fears, and my worthless tears. Keeping my thoughts from my battles fought. In the rain to ease the pain.
  I am sitting in this house, as alone as I could possibly be at the moment. Trying, no, scraping my brain to think of what could possibly be my number one need.                                                                    
Come, my beloved, consider the stars Clouds which veil a golden moon Glittering gases in the atmosphere I fear I'll fall in love too soon   Come nestle by my side a moment
Gimme a drink that's fresh and cold Gimme a book that's long and interesting Gimme music with an addictive beat Gimme a blanket that's warm and soft Gimme a videogame from my favorite series
All I need, it is not the same as what you need. Some people need food or water to survive, others need a phone and a person to thrive. I too need those things to live, but they're not necessities.  
It may seem strange, and a little out of range, but my faith remains in my forefront.   I'm not shy to admit -- I'd be lost without it: my faith in my God, who is my Light.  
A world without music is a world with no voice, A life without expression or truth. Without its ethereal pitches and rhythms, Bright colors fade to dull palette hues.
All I need, is hope; beautiful, bright, brilliant hope, it keeps me alive. Hope for a future when I can be independent and successful.
I don't say much except  Thanks for the juice I don't need much except Thanks for the juice Proof is written in the stars Thanks for the juice The drive to survive and what's fuel inside
Albert Eintsten puts it in the best possible way: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire
Help!!!, Help!!! Somebody help me. I’m stuck on this frickin’ island and I didn’t have time to take anything with me. Can anybody hear me? Might as well talk to the guy in my head
When I was three years old, And admittedly, not yet very bold, I was given a pink Powerpuff Girls pillow by my parents to hold, It would give me magic powers too I was told,
When I saw the prompt for this wonderful poem, I thought to myself, "Now what can I show them? Shall I be brave and smart, or strong and heroic? Or shall I be a normal teenager and just be stoic?"
I sit here all alone— In my room— Such a mess. I’m starting to remember all I have to do. I’m starting to think about all that I could’ve done. I’m beginning to fall in that hole I know so well.
Those almond shaped eyes,  That bright smile, Your incredibly kinky hair, All erased from my mind   Your cocoa brown skin, Your chubby cheeks, Your naturally curly eyelashes,
I stand here My eyes burning My throat like sandpaper Under the sun Under the sky Under the influence of my mind I stand here   Thoughts wander and weave Under the sky
I considered bringing a person, someone to keep me company. But I thought myself too selfish, why should I desert another person when they can set out to have a happy, successful life.  I considered bringing a tool, something useful.
What can you tell me?Is this the land of the free?If I enter a store,Will you search me all o’re?   It’s okay, I understand.To your fear,I fear,I have lent a hand.  
You say bring what you must, We all name items and nod heads.
  Your face against mine is meant to be Like when the seashore kisses the sea   On a deserted island, you’d be all that I’d need.   Even if I was feeling alone and forgotten
When I was a baby I looked at you as if you were the sky I grew a little and looked at you like a princess   I grew a little more and discovered that you were a queen  
Supportive, dependable, yet completely silent. Tells stories of complete fiction and the happiest of memories In a language only comprehensible to me. There for me when I need to cry
I can't live without happiness;  However, I can survive. But, is a life without living, and only surviving, a life worth keeping alive? Society wants money, and power, and demand for respect. 
Building nests inside of you and calling you homeYou are the creaky doors and windows whose noises are a necessity for me to fall asleepThe grave I want to spend all of my eternity in after my black hole heart collapses in on itself and I cease to
I thought I needed you,  Desiring your presence  Or your reassuring words Not anymore Others have not relieved the pain
I had a Kids Bop 5 blasting in my own CD player Watching crayons melt into the black leather of mama's Infiniti And Orange Crush from 7/11 was about the only reason I would put my shoes back on.
I can't breathe. The world is spinning; I see nothing but streaks of color and light. Just as it feels my lungs will burst like frozen pipes in winter time, your thumbs brush the wetness from my view 
It's not something that you can touch. It's not somehting that you can see.   It's something that you can buy. It's soemthing that you can be.   Other people have it. Other people but not me.
A tattered pink bunny Matted fur and A single deflated foot A hole on the bottom Made by a big yellow dog Those shiny eyes have seen
I can't live without the constellations In his eyes. Or the way his chest moves When he sighs. I can't live without the sunshine In his laugh. Or the weight in his feet From the past.
All I need is a hand to hold. Teach me how to be bold I do not need to be told,  I need to be shown not by diagrams and charts  but by the careing of someones heart. 
All I’d need Would be God With His wonders he’d keep me alive Because He parted the red sea when his people were being attacked Made it rain fresh bread from an empty sky
Crystal water and golden sand, sunshine and peace of mind. Such a beautiful paradise, it’s almost easy to ignore the floating wreck
To survive alone on an isle, I need naught but be senile No need for normality when you harbor irrationality The humdrum of island life simply will not suffice The sunshine, the hours, counting the flowers
Before I take a trip, take a beat, take a breath Take stock, what I've got Is waking moments and sleeping thoughts In my head, I have music, I have stories, I have friends
I need her because she was there when nobody else was Giving me hugs and kisses daily just because I need her because she was my mother and my father Since he left her alone to raise his only daughter
Bright lights, cameras flashing, tourists smiling. Walk down one street and you get some of the best shopping in the world,
My skin is hot stranded becoming something im not   no one in sight loosing my might loosing my fight   lost   my mother's voice soft and sweet
If I were stranded on an island, I would bring my guitar Music is a universal language, and that's what makes it beautiful It cannot be seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart It makes me ache, it makes me leap
Throughout my entire life i've had what I can't live without. She's the only thing i'd ever need...for anything. She, being my twin sister.
Click   Adjust my bow tie.Put on a façade of fanciness.I love the Met.Or is it Carnegie?Kimmel Center?Honestly can't tellSounds the same to me. Click  
If I was stranded on an island, all I need is the Holy Bible. Just God's word, is all I need. His advice, is all I need. God's ways, is all I need. To read how great he is, is all I need,
I cannot live with clouds that demand to be seen and stars that are covered over with falsely-applied beauty. 
 I cannot live with black skies that force darkness into hearts
There's always one question that I'm asked about If you could only have one thing, what would it be? If you could only see one thing, what would you see? Whats the one thing that you can't live without?  
I don't need a big mansion Nor a lot of money I don't need fancy clothes Nor a brand new car I don't need fame Nor the glory of it All I need is love Whether it's family A soulmate
All I need is my culture. The blood of the Meshika flows through my veins Know that my ancestors were not the Aztecs, For that name was coined by the European imperialist
Stranded for hours on this lonely island Nothing to comfort or guide me. Not a bite to eat or book to read, Not a soul to sit beside me.   But my hope floats out on the water.  
All I need is a heart beating, lungs breathing, Brain thinking.  All I need is a smile on my face, laughter in my veins.  All I need is a song through my head, while I sleep in my bed.
I could not live without you, the best mother in the world I could not live without you, whether in my home or in my heart I could not live without you,  your words of wisdom, not always so kind
There is one thing I absolutely need A friend Someone who is close to me Someone to talk to, someone who cares Someone who is always there to dry my tears A friend
Cold Constantly Consistently Unfailingly Cold Every day I count down the hours Minutes Until I go home Return to my robe Fuzzy Purple Warm Always there
All I Need   What do I need to survive you ask?
They told me the odds were stacked against me That with a heart in my condition With a family history filled with roses
I can't live without him. Rather, I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. He loved me when I was so empty that I might as well have been a corpse And because of his love I never became that corpse, rotting six feet under the ground. He taught m
All I need is airUndeniably the most important thingBut there's something differentAbout the air that I need
Dear mom, I couldn’t tell you All the times I’ve been upset You shrink my laundry, eat my food And get the floor all wet  
 I am lost in your eyes. I wonder if you are in mine I hear you whisper sweet nothings I see your eyes sparkle in mine I want you to know my everything I am lost in your eyes.  
There's nothing quite like stumbling home after a long day to find a small human stumbling about the furniture herself. Age gaps wider than the gaps in her teeth,
What is the answer to this question? Whether there is wrong or right is not a factor. What I need is not an item to entertain, but to gain. The world does not embrace those without it
Live music is not a concept. It is not something you can hold in the palm of a sweaty hand until the night has ended and then release like a caged animal when the band has exited the stage
On a desert island or a crowded city street The cold in my heart, the ache in my feet One among many or a single body all alone The inability to change the tone Couldn't matter less if I have in my heart
all I needed was you, when I needed you the most, you were always there. as the days got hotter, and life got harder, you were always there. most people are afraid of you.
Your mind works in curious ways, like the sun only ever reaches it on the days when you let your guard down.Your optimism is much more rare lately.  
When You are caught up in something so right and blind to every flag dawned red There comes a day when I shall rise like a kite There will come a day when the wind stops   I need to be your reason to fight
  The days in which I’m met with burden in dreaming in reaching in swallowing between the breaths   Those days
Salt fills the air, sand covers the ground The crashing waves are the only sound I am alone, but I have no fear It’s the present moment I shall hold dear   All pain and joy from the past years
Dragging along Desolation Only to feel deserted From the company not present. Yet, This defiant mind Is not lonely.
Shimmering, Glimmering, small... Powerful yet frail... Darkness will try time and time again to swallow you whole, To no avail... Dear friend, you keep my feet planted on the Ground 
Oh, sister, we are bound by blood eternally An ocean separates us but I can still feel you here with me Why, at night, do I have nightmares, and not dreams? Because, dear sister, you are all I need
all i need is my purple long pillow the pillow i cry on the pillow i laugh on its all i need
Down the street. Faster. Faster. The keys jingle. The grate slams. Bang. Bang. Up the stairs. In the door. Swish. Swish. They jump. They bark. Woof.
Words have a pulse, They bleed and they bruise, Like a heart’s beating impulse, Only that you get to choose.   Like a scream gone ignored, Or a sob in dark, behind closed doors,
All I need is the woman who has been with me since the beginning. I can always count on her to help me back up when I fall. We fight together, cry together, laugh together. My friend for life, my rock, she's my momma. 
In Out In Out           The breath escapes my lungs r u   s     h       i
All I need is the most dangerous thing of all. It can start wars.  It can kill.  It can push people to say things they don't mean.  It can make you miserable.  But, this same thing is the sweetest too. 
When you have to think of one you can't live with out, You're filled with thoughts of more than one without a doubt. It's her. Him. Them. That. This. Something far. Something home-bound.
I could swim in an ocean of money, fly over the waves of pavement in my Lamborghini, and lie beneath the suns beautiful touch, but all of this would mean nothing if I wasn’t doing it with you.
L-O-V-E Love, everlasting, lasts like the living humans who feel it, but will always be there On and on, from the unknown, ominous start of a new grand opening, it won't be over
All I need on this deserted island is. I could have clean water or cheese wiz But I just want a friend to quiz A friend to hold to cuddle to love One that fits to me like a glove
A lot of what people "need"Is a person,That's love;Is an item,That's greed;Neither are for me.I don't "need" anyone,I don't need any single item.What I need is much simpler.All I need
If I were stranded On a lonly islad I would need A song indeed Silence would the music fill Sadness would the music kill With the song I would not be alone A familiar tune would take me home
If there was ever one thing that I could never live without, I'd know exactly the object, without the slightest doubt.   Every day since I was born,
If I was alone, all I would think of would be you. Desperate for your advice more than food. Hungry for your voice. Thirsty for smile. Dying for your loving touch. I would even crawl 1000 miles.
It wasn't too long ago that I had her, so close to me, so willingly but the winds of change swept her away and just like that she was gone.    I didn't want to admit to myself,
We are two bodies that sails the body of the sea In search of our lost souls driven by the riches We heard of this land by the many in our genration No one haven't really seen her, only a figment of a long lost dream
If I left the world alone, and sat among the stars, Would patience be a virtue? Or would anger be my scar?   In a world without a muse The stars will spark the light. As music fills the air,
You used to  be a dress, Green, soft, and silky. But now, You're just a little green rag, Torn by my infant arms. You were there since the beginning, and will be with me till the end,
Something I can’t live without?   I can’t live without my drive to Change the world for the better.  
I see you every morning, afternoon, and night, and if you're gone it just isn't right.  When you're gone my stomach churns, and no matter what else I try, you're the only thing I yearn.
Need gets confused with want You ask me about it, and I can’t respond For need changes in time
To gather up your strength, To gather up your might, To see the world a little brighter You need a little Light.   To show where to go To show the warmth of soul
All I Really Need Is The Thing That Makes Me, Me My Pure Simple mind
All i need is silence. My thoughts, my dreams, my ideals. Although loud to me, creates an existential bubble needed to be.. You. The rest of the world has a certain appeal,
All I need is an oxymoron  a word I can't even speak  can't describe   a fallacy in language   feather's edge  tip of the tongue     I need your arms to encircle me
(Idea for the name of this poem and the characters in the picture are from the videogame Undertale by Toby Fox.)   So, the situation is this:I'm stuck on a deserted island, and I have the things I might need to survive.
All I need is the oxygen you give me to breathe All I need is for the moon to rise and the sun to settle For the stars to shine and my worries to turn mellow All I need is the hope for a new tomorrow and an alive today
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