Alcohol Drug Abuse Addiction

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The preacher's daughter They call it unholy They call it unethical They call it natural They call it canal
I know you know better. You were warped into this tangled mess of lies. You were better before the drugs. Before the drinking. Before Her. The pain is comprehendable but
I live on my drunken abode,How pretty everything seems.I do believe that around is clearer than I really see,For I have done this before.   I lived here so longI no longer beg to differ.
I never realized how much I was missing out on life Never realized I was still in the night You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand Why me?
I woke up every single day sure that I was dead; I couldn't seem to silence all the noise within my head.Reaching for my phone though I could barely use my eyes; my life was so consumed with the chase of getting’ high.Dropping to the ground, agony
I used to sit up high perched on daddy’s shoulders watching the world go by, I wonder will I grow up to be as tall and strong as daddy?
PUSH DOWN AND TURN. Something quickly learned. Sleep from a bottle. Happiness from a flask. Consume so much that I'm never coming back. Numb my senses. Fall in love with the drugs.
WHAT DID THEY DO?BY MIRA WILDERBetrayed what was sacreda long time ago...she hurt her babyand it troubled her now.In the quiet before morningfrom her jail bed,she cried...
I made my bed on an ocean of glass shards floating upon the undulating waves of incomprehension; bourbon-soaked dreams sliced open and bleeding life’s meaning,
Your nasty wretched fumes roll off your stained lips You look like a fool with your stuttering and your trips The empty bottles around you must be equal to your heart Because I'll never find the end of them once you start
Dear Bottomless Bottle See the pain you have caused Your brown paper wrapping Crumpled and lost Oh, look and listen So much pained words you hear The feelings left behind With one drunken kiss
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