Against all types of bullying and discrimination

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THE ULTIMATE PRICE Ever felt much weight on your neck That makes it feel like you can't breathe? You can't move your neck? I have
My skin so dark like I haven’t taken a bath in months. This is me  so why am I been looked up and down like a monster  a black beast.    They think light and an think hope, 
We were freaks Clowns and ringleaders Dwarfs and bearded ladies. We were oddities created by a society That didn’t accept curiosities.
America, Oh America, The land of the great and dishonest, Proud of broken promise. Flags held high,
Just because there is melanin in the skin Dosnt mean that there is a criminal living within Belittled on tv and we don't even see it but growing up the kid with the most melanin  on tv was the most athletic thats it
This one goes out to the bullies, like the ones who always used to pull on my hoodie, the kids who never got in trouble, because boys will be rough and girls are going to be sassy,
I didn't ask for this misfortune, Wont let them see me cry, But somebody as sensitive, As me would question why.   Why am I so fretful? Why dont they abide? To the set of regulations,
Please don't hate me for something I didn't do Please don't hate me for the people I'm related to Please don't hate me for the color of my skin I don't hate you Do you not hate me too?
Does it make you feel good by calling them a piece of human waste. To start ghastly rumors that spread in rapid haste. You think its funny to see someone constantly cry. Instantly wishing every day that they would die.
Few show it taking guts one needs extras Be bold this risk is worth it till one has it they are weak takes true grit have some nerve your spine supports your head held high
Yes, I am the nerd! I am the young lady in the front of the class, the overachiever, the goody two shoes, I am the smart one! I talk with grammatical effectiveness! I have the answers! I work!
In a world lost in progression i found my depression it lurked deep within the walls 
She gets upset when people askWhat the eye-catching marks,Are?She gets upset when people stare,Because she doesn't want attention.She doesn't think it's a bad thing,
What is one to do A view clouded by anger Heart full of sorrow
I am a girl. I am not a cook. I am pansexual. I am not confused.
Tell me I'm ugly. Tell me I'm sad. Tell me I'm the worst you've ever had. Tell me I'm crazy. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you never cared all along. Tell me I'm angry. Tell me I'm dumb.
Seeing their child hanging from handle bars is every parent's dream, but seeing them hanging by a noose is the fate that I deem will happen to those whose dream is to be set free.
 I see her get picked on everyday. I do nothing to stop them. I'm too scared to stand up to the bullies who ones bullied me. They called me every name in he book. They said I was ruining my life.
If you’re true to yourself and you are truly your own person, then you have truly unlocked the secrets of being the questions to others expectations.
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