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I am a triple threat Yes I am a triple threat I sing, do art, and dance with no regret Yes I am creative and love to express But being a triple threat comes with stress You must always to dress to impress 
“Be thankful,” you say “That I’m still friends with you” As if my very presence could unravel everything you’ve worked so hard to build
When did being gay become a sin? To openly love someone of the same sex Or be who you felt your true self is. Why are we the ones in the closet Why aren't you? How is being straight the norm
Hey I'm gay Yes this is me I don't have time for your homophobic greed. I'm not asking for you to forgive me. There's nothing wrong with just being me. Im just trying to be happy, And true to me.
  I said her eyes were pretty And she flashed her eyelids sweetly. I said her moves were sexy And she danced on me smoothly. I said I’d treat her nice And she asked me to be her girlfriend.
She didn’t know That I was swept away by all the tears of being a teen   Even though I was in my 20’s   She didn’t know 
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